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Seeking organization for data hosting and CRM services

We are looking for a database management/service/hosting company with CRM tools and secure data hosting.

We need use our own, custom developed accounting system. We are looking for a partner to provide certain CRM

aspects, yet allow us to keep what we know works for a complex billing system. We need security and server/data storage services. We have an in-house programmer, and are looking for pre-developed, reliable, yet flexible hosting capabilities.  Please advise.

THank you.


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My name is Ivan. I work as a sales manager for a Belarussian customized software development company that builds advanced solutions for Western Europe and USA. Despite the fact that we're rather young (the company was founded in 2008) we're making quick progress in Belarus. Combining perfect knowledge of programming with high quality of service, SOFTACOM develops customized software and is considered to be one of the most reliable and trusted engineering outsourcing services provider in Belarus. The achievements of our work were published in Belarussian mass media several times. As i understood, you are searching for a database management/service/hosting company with CRM tools and secure data hosting. Is that right? Our company can privide you with such services. Softacom Ldt. is interested in collabotating with you.

p.s. For more information about our company, please, visit our website Thanks


Best regards,


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