An automatic answer to email FAQs

Interactive Intelligence has created a simple yet comprehensive email and web enquiry response management system, which automatically responds to frequently asked questions (or FAQs).

e-FAQ relieves enquiry bottlenecks and accelerate the process of online information requests by centralising key information.

Case-based reasoning products require customers to answer multiple pre-qualifying questions before getting an automated response. The II system, however, uses linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence techniques to get the answers customers need with a single inquiry.

"Gartner has shown that there has been a 50% yearly increase in customer email for the average enterprise," said II European marketing director Tony Armitage. "Also, a recent Jupiter Communications survey showed that 59% of online buyers were unhappy with the customer service they received. And dissatisfied customers are just a click away from the competition."

About Interactive Intelligence Inc.
Founded in 1994 the company has a worldwide customer base of more than 750 companies. Global headquarters are in Indianapolis, USA, with European headquarters in Aix-en-Provence, France and Asia Pacific headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Interactive Intelligence

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