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Webchat emerging as agents' preferred channel

Webchat emerging as agents' preferred channel

Webchat is growing in popularity as advisors' preferred channel to talk to customers as new research reveals its contribution to customer satisfaction. 

That’s according to BT, which analysed six contact centres in the UK and India, which found that webchat creates a highly positive experience for both customers and advisors.

According to the report, almost three quarters of advisors agreed that webchat offers customers better service compared to calls due to the speed that customers can connect to webchat, typically stated as one minute or less.

Webchat was also perceived strongly in terms of ease of use, offering specific benefits such as the ability to quickly cut and paste standard information and being able to scan entire conversations to check customer needs have been met.

Overall, 88% of respondents said they liked webchat, with many of these going further and expressing very high levels of satisfaction.  Advisors were found to engage in multiple webchats at once both with customers and colleagues.

Nicola Millard, customer experience futurologist at BT Global Services, said: “Webchat is considered to be an equivalent and often superior method of working compared to calls. Webchat also sits comfortably alongside social media, as it allows organisations to draw customers into a more private dialogue, where they can discuss personal details and specific issues in a one-to-one channel.

“Webchat is also perceived as providing an effective stepping stone, moving customer contacts towards web-based self-service interactions. Our research identifies a double bonus: both advisors and customers like using it and it leads to cost savings for contact centre operators.  For these reasons, we expect webchat to continue to grow as a channel.”

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