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Reevoo integrates with IBM Smarter Commerce

Reevoo integrates with IBM Smarter Commerce

Cloud-based social commerce solutions provider Reevoo has announced a new series of integrations with IBM Smarter Commerce.

Reevoo’s social commerce suite provides rating and reviews, recommendations and community solutions for brands such as Ford Retail, Black & Decker, Kuoni, Orange, and Sony.

The integration will see IBM customers deploy Reevoo’s social commerce capabilities to access customer intelligence and attribution modelling. Customer interactions within the Reevoo platform are tracked and fed directly into the CRM databases of IBM’s Smarter Commerce customers via an API. 

According to Reevoo, these verified customer intelligence and behavioural data insights contribute to IBM’s customer-centred approach to bring more personalised marketing and a personalised customer journey.

Reevoo CEO, Steve Hurn, said: “We are excited to be working with a market leader, complementing IBM’s offering to enterprise customers by being part of its ground-breaking Smarter Commerce portfolios.  A customer review can provide intangible values that a simple description of functionality never can: trust and reassurance.  

“People trust other people, and bringing this social element to buying reassures customers that they are making the right choice.  Trust increases customers’ loyalty and enables IBM to optimise its service based on insight into customers’ wants and needs.”

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