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Capgemini tag teams with Badgeville to accelerate gamification adoption

Capgemini tag teams with Badgeville to accelerate gamification adoption

Global strategy firm Capgemini has partnered with gamification and behaviour management platform Badgeville to help businesses adopt gamification techniques.

The firms intend to help businesses not yet mature in gamification practices engage, reward and motivate employees and customers through reward systems and achievement levels.  According to Kris Duggan, CEO at Badgeville, such behaviour management will deliver a strategic advantage for businesses.

This is supported by recent research from Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business, which found behavioural change is key to accelerating large-scale digital transformation.

Maggie Buggie, VP of digital transformation at Capgemini Consulting, said: “The bringing together of Badgeville’s gamification expertise with our track record in large-scale strategic transformation is very exciting.

“Large and complex digitally enabled business transformations are often dependent on a significant cultural and behavioral shift, and the use of smartly-applied game mechanics as part of a behavioral change program can tackle that need in an innovative, engaging and meaningful way.”

Carter Lusher from Ovum Research said the partnership “signifies two global leaders teaming to bring these powerful techniques to businesses aiming to modernize their entire employee and customer management experiences.”

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