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EkoBuzz brings CRM capabilities to marketing platform

EkoBuzz brings CRM capabilities to marketing platform

Digital marketing company EkoBuzz has announced the addition of CRM capabilities to its Cloud-based marketing software.

The platform, EkoBuzz, was formed in 2009 to help small to mid-sized firms capture, convert and manage sales leads via a single web-based dashboard or mobile device.

New CRM features support customer data management with accounts, contacts and activities (such as meetings, calls, notes, etc.) whilst the introduction of advanced searching and reporting capabilities will enable sales managers to track sales activities and monitor the sales pipeline over various time periods. 

However, whilst offering CRM capabilities, the US-based firm said the solution is not intended to compete with other CRM vendors but is a plug-in for customers using salesforce.com and other CRM solutions.

Alla Nadein, CTO of EkoBuzz, said: “EkoBuzz develops solutions based on customer needs. When we received a request from an existing customer to add CRM capabilities and to make them accessible on mobile devices, we put in the effort to make this a reality. Our customers are our partners.”

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