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Marketers increasingly bleak over budgets

Marketers increasingly bleak over budgets

New research has revealed marketers across the world remain largely pessimistic over their budget levels.

According to Warc's latest Global Marketing Index, totals below 50 points reflect reducing spend, and figures above this level indicate increasing spend.

This year’s budget expectations came in at 46 points in November – a decline from 48.8 points in October – and represented the lowest score since November 2011.

US marketers delivered the worst prognosis in 13 months with a no change score of 50, said teh study. APAC scored 46.8 points, versus 51 points in October whereas Europe recorded 42.6 points and 44.1 points respectively.

However, the picture wasn’t totally dismal with digital channels, excluding mobile, continuing to attract greater investment and registering 70.2 points in November. Mobile itself generated 65.5.

Trading conditions (53.4) and staffing levels (51.1) also reported improvements.

Suzy Young, Warc's data editor, said: "Following President Obama's re-election, attention has once again focused on the global economic situation. It is a tricky time for marketers worldwide, and many have chosen to adopt a 

'wait and see' approach when it comes to budget setting in the short term."

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