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American Express breaks new ground with Facebook ad rewards

American Express breaks new ground with Facebook ad rewards

Small businesses can now use their American Express membership rewards points to pay for advertising on Facebook.

The credit card company is claiming a first in connecting a rewards programme to advertising expenditure in this way. But it pointed to the fact, according to its bi-annual Amex Open Small Business Monitor survey, some 35% of entrepreneurs now use the social networking site to promote their business, up from 27% six months ago.

Ed Gilligan, Amex’s vice chairman, said: "We are thrilled to partner with Facebook to bring this first-of-its kind opportunity to small business card members who can now leverage the marketing power of the world’s largest social media platform in a smart and effective way."

Customers can now redeem their points to buy Facebook Ads through Amex Open’s Facebook page at or at its rewards programme website at

David Fischer, Facebook’s vice president of advertising and global operations, said: "With hundreds of thousands of small businesses advertising on Facebook, this latest effort by American Express effectively takes advantage of our platform by providing these business owners with a new and convenient way to pay for Facebook advertising."

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