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Marketers love Facebook but hate advertising on the network

Marketers love Facebook but hate advertising on the network

Marketers may understand the importance of brand presence on Facebook but new research has revealed most are reluctant to advertise on the platform. 

According to the survey of over 650 Ad Age readers that characterise themselves as decision-makers in social marketing, 86% of those surveyed said they currently use Facebook as a marketing tactic. 

However, only 55% currently advertise on Facebook and 88% admitted they implement Facebook content without any advertising.

In terms of digital advertising budget, 47% of those surveyed said their budgets were still less than 20% of their total budget whilst nearly half said their budgets designated for social-media marketing were less than 10%.

But the report revealed 77% of respondents expected their digital-marketing budgets to increase in the coming year, while 73% expected their social-media advertising budget to increase.

Over half of respondents predicted their Facebook budget will increase whilst 40% believed it will stay the same, the figures showed.

Michael Scissons, CEO of Syncapse, told Ad Age: “It comes down to measurement. If you are a direct-response marketer it's easy to measure. If you're a brand marketer, it becomes much more intangible to track the point of sale.”

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