Australian Tax Office signed up with IBM and Siebel
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The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has signed contracts with IBM worth more than $14 million as part of its $300 million-plus Change Program technology upgrade.

ATO second commissioner Greg Farr said IBM software would complement the $8.6million customer relationship management systems ATO had bought from Siebel in March. The new software will be able to better manage and store information collected from taxpayers through the Siebel system.

As well as the $23 million so far committed through the IBM and Siebel contracts, the ATO also awarded contracts worth more than $8 million to consulting and system-design firm Accenture. By the time it is complete in 2006-07, the Change Program is expected to have cost the ATO between $300 million and $350 million.

While IBM has won the lion's share of the so-called 'back-end' software, the ATO is yet to award its tender for specialist analytical software used for extracting information from its massive databases. Those contracts are expected to be awarded next week.

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