Bad customer service at Best Buy
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On Saturday, November 17th, we went to the Best Buy store to shop for/purchase a laptop computer. We found an 'open box' one that they discounted for us and after much discussion with the sales person about possibilities/options etc. we decided to purchase it along with a $129 'Geek Squad' install of anti-virus and spyware software along with a check of the computer. We were told by salesperson (Bill) that his manager Dan said for us to go ahead and ring it up and they would get all of the books, discs, etc that goes with it out of the back (it was the model on display that we bought) and it would all be ready in about 4 hours. They would call us when ready. Well no call, called them at 8:30, were informed that it was not yet ready and they would call. Sunday morning 10:30, still no call. We went to the store and the 'geek squad' rep brough the laptop to the counter and said, "It is missing the battery" (along with everything else from the back) So he called teh salesman up and he proceded to say he would go get it all. (Here is my first complaint, why was it taken to get the $129 stuff done if it was possibly incomplete, why wasn't it all taken together to the geek squad as we were told?) So after 1 hour of looking for the battery etc. We decided ah, this is for the birds, we don't want this computer, we'll look for another one.

Well at this point they called over Paul. He informed us that while we could return the computer, we were responsible for the $129 charge of services that we never received! We never had possession of the laptop. After being questioned about several aspects of this he informed my husband that the reason they discounted the laptop was because it didn't have a battery! Every time my husband tried to ask him anything he just talked over him and didn't listen to or answer a single question. So I went outside and called the customer service # and they called the store and got Paul's version and would also go nowhere with us. They also would not give me anhy district manager info so I could file a complaint.

Well after 2 hours (I have 49 minutes logged on my cell phone with customer service) they pulled a battery and manuals and restore disk from another computer and wanted us to take it all and go. We said no we wished to credit our card (we had opened credit to purchase the laptop) and not purchase this laptop after all these problems. They absolutely refused (along with customer service) to refund the $129. At this point we decided to let them steal the money from us instead of giving them a $800+ sale. So we left owing them the $129. Quite unhappily I assure you in fact my husband in his frustration asked the guy what time he got off work. Just being a jerk.

After we left we realized that we had not gotten the 2 discs of software that they had charged us $129 to install, so I called the store to let them know we would be back later to pick them up. When we returned the general manager ( I thought that was who we were dealing with earlier incorrectly) chased my husband out of the store and told him he wasn't welcome there and to never 'threaten' his employees again. When people blatently steal from you, especially a large corporation that we mistakenly trusted when we paid for everything without seeing it, it is throughly frustrating when you have absolutely no recourse even with their customer service who obviously backs up this unscrupulous behavior. It is maddening.

How do we get info about this company and their poor customer service out there, as I notice we are not the only people to be treated this way by them. They obviously do not value their customers loyalty because there are so many more right around the corner. And along with Michael of #358 I will Never shop an ANY Best Buy again and will recommend that anyone I know or come in contact with follow my lead. Thank you.


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