Bon voyage, with Yellowrent and IM Abalon
Share this content, an e-business portal for the rental of goods and services in Europe, has chosen Industri-Matematik Abalon as its new eCRM configuration. Yellowrent will use IMA to manage revenue generation and customer interactions.

Yellowrent rents villas, cottages and apartments throughout Europe - allowing web customers to search for information on available properties, then book, confirm and pay. It operates in five languages and has plans to expand into other services. 

IM Abalon software will manage Yellowrent's customer service needs generated from electronic mail, internet chat, telephone, fax and wireless application protocol devices. The software will give Yellowrent's agents access to the portal through a role-adaptable web interface. The rental market for holiday houses is fragmented with 100,000 or more agents, and properties of every description in different languages and different levels, according to Victor Dahlborg, marketing director at Yellowrent. 

According to Björn Augustin, CRM director at Yellowrent, IM Abalon is a perfect partner because of its experience in CRM and integrated contact center solutions that handle all of the different information channels for companies. "IM Abalon also met our demand for a role-based interface, active customer dialog, ability to manage high volumes and system integration to provide our customers the knowledge that we can reliably handle the transaction from start to finish," he said.

IM Abalon is the first company to combine eFulfillment and eCRM capabilities in a pre-packaged application designed for businesses. Its eCRM software manages the entire lifecycle of customer interactions, supporting sales, marketing and contact center operations. The application manages all points of customer contact to build closer relationships and cope with emerging problems. 


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