Brainfood was formed in 2008 by Martin Hill-Wilson, an independent consultant with a long-standing track record in customer engagement strategy and implementation. Martin was involved in the very first wave of contact centre implementation during the 1980’s with the Merchants Group, one of the first BPOs. He ended up as CEO.

He is a well known international keynote speaker and chair on a wide range of topics at international conferences – the future of customer service, the impact of AI in contact centres and the growth in emotive cx for customer interaction. Clients also commission him to inspire and educate their own customers and colleagues.

Martin can be hired for value based consulting – in which the goal is to increase the strategic value of some customer related activity. These typically involve the redesign of customer service operations, the blending of virtual and human assistance in customer interaction and the refocus of customer facing teams to achieving commercial cx outcomes.

Martin in currently designing a suite of blended learning modules on empathy and is on the lookout for beta testers.