Video Marketing - Three Ways to Use Videos for Digitally Marketing Your Business

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Video Marketing is now one of the most effective ways of marketing your products and services.  It is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and should now form part of any marketing plan.  Here are three ways that you can use video marketing for your business.

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are a great way to help closing deals.  Use good video marketingto highlight the best and most interesting facets that a business or event has to offer and allows you to be creative in your approach.  They can incorporate motion graphics, voice over, on-air talent, shots of the products that are being sold, etc.  The way in which the company is branded can determine the overall look of the video.  These videos are great to put on social networking pages and websites.  You can also play them on monitors at trade shows or anywhere your target market convenes. This helps with branding the company logo, its product or service which in turn can drive sales.

Instructional Video

Promotions are always important and can be used to highlight the fact that your product or service comes with an instructional video. Through instructional videos, you can give visual clarity for your. You can use them as a teaching tool that walks people through a process step by step.  You may need to provide assistance to enable them to navigate through a website or use a specific product.  This could be anything from showing someone how to fill out a long complex online form or how to use software. The approach to can vary. For example, you could have a voice-over that explains each step, accompanied by graphics, or you can have a person taking to the audience while using graphic bullet points, etc.  It could be a combination of both.  There is no magic formula and there is no set way to do video marketing.  Just consider what the business goal of the video is.  For example, be sure to consider your audience and keep in mind is how you think your client will receive the message best. 

Instructional videos - together with a great product or service - can result in return business.  All customers adore having some sort of support and or point of reference and very few people like paging through the dreaded manual.

Client Testimonials

Satisfied customers are often prepared to make client testimonial videos.  Most companies understand the value of client referrals or testimonials but never fo further than quotes on their websites from clients that talk about how great their product or service is. You can use testimonial videos of a client endorsing your company.  This is really effective because there is a human connection that can be made and it gives you more credence.  Your potential clients can put a face with the endorsement.  Testimonials are videos that have great versatility and can be used on Facebook Fan Pages, YouTube, syndicated to other video sites and even placed in emails etc.  

Consider these three types of online video opportunities and figure out which may work for your type of business. The potential for increased viewers for your site and increased sales of your products is enormous when you include as many different options for accessing content as possible for today’s varied marketplace.  

Here at WSI, we have a great video production capability and will be happy to talk to you about your video marketing requirement.  So just give us a call or contact WSI Digital Marketing here with your digital marketing or video marketing requirements

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