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How Can you Scale your Business to the Next Level?

8th Nov 2017
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Starting a business requires commitment if you want it to grow. The wealthiest people in the world are in business. However, not all people who venture in a business end up making enough profit. So what makes every business unique from the other? Why do some people earn more than others? Every entrepreneur yearns to make money from their company. But the market is very competitive. For every business you start, there is someone else with the same idea. Therefore, you need to come up with a strategy to attract customers to your business for it to grow or scale up. So what is the difference between business growth and scaling?

People in the business world are often confused about the difference between these two terms. Both of these words refer to an increase in the profit margins in any business. However, regardless of this similarity, these words have a clear-cut difference. A company’s growth usually refers to increase in revenues and cost. On the other hand, scaling refers to an increase in revenue, but the cost remains constant. Any business can scale, all you require is a well-laid out plan and persistence. Realize that it won’t be easy, but it is worth the effort.

Ways to Scale Your Business

• Create a growth plan and be committed to it. For your business to scale, you need to be fully committed to it. No growth can take place by just sitting down and hoping things will change. Take the initiative and bring the change yourself. According to reports, start-up businesses lack the commitment and ambition to scale. You will also need finances. A company cannot scale without capital to help it kick-start its growth process. However, having the required amount of money for your business can be a difficult task. Therefore, applying for a loan is the best option. Accessing bank loans can sometimes be difficult. You might need to consider other possibilities and borrow from financial lenders who offer capital to further your growth.

Use social media to market your business. Large corporations spend millions on advertisements. However, since your business may not afford to spend such a massive amount of money, you might want to consider what technology has freely given you, social media. You can choose to start a business blog that details what your business is about and encourage interaction with customers.

Leave your comfort zone and consider building partnerships. Developing alliances with a more advanced company will afford you free insight into the market.

Try to observe your business from your customers’ eyes. The customer is the King. Therefore, their perception of your business matters greatly. It is also advisable to study your competitor’s strength and weaknesses. Locate a successful business that is similar to yours. Discover what makes the business tick and improve on it.

Arrange for contests and give some stuff away. People are always drawn to free things. Therefore, advertise the contest through social media, word of mouth because you need a significant number of people involved. Offer quality giveaway products and collect contact information.

As the business scales, you will experience other benefits apart from an increase in revenue. These benefits include:

You will experience tremendous growth as an entrepreneur. Even though increased profit is a great motivator, sometimes the lessons learned are also valuable. These lessons will help you stand out professionally and inspire other people starting out in business.

Scaling your business will help you build a broader scope of professionals network. These networks will prove beneficial in the future.

It will increase visibility for your business. Every business person wants their business to be recognized at least nationally. Such recognition can draw the attention of prominent brands in the market.


You do not have to be rich to build a business and make it stand out. Having a set goal and being self-driven is crucial. Always keep in mind that the customer is always right. Therefore, your business is supposed to be customer friendly to attract more customers. Decide to scale your business to the next level and enjoy reaping the fruits of your hard work.

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