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31st Oct 2017

Working can be difficult even when you are doing something that you like. Self-employed people are most affected because they are their bosses. Numerous reasons could cause lack of motivation. Regardless, you have to stay focused and complete the task. Here is how to rejuvenate your energy and concentrate on your work

Take a break
Working for long hours can be tiring continuously. The monotony exhausts the brain and it loses focus. Breaking the monotony is a brilliant idea. Allow yourself to rest and relax by doing something else. You could chat briefly with a friend, take a snack, napping if possible or sporting. A break will relieve and inspire you to begin working again. In case you had experienced a difficulty in the work, you may get a new perspective and discover a way out. 

Reward yourself
Some people do not enjoy or like what they do. Despite this fact, they have to do their work. Such people will easily be distracted and slow down their working pace. If you notice you feel the same, determine a reward for yourself. Aim at finishing your task because a reward awaits you. Do not be tempted to take the prize before completing your work. These rewards should be helpful items or experiences. For example, plan to read something inspirational with motivational quotes. Sometimes they do not even have to be actual rewards. Just think how relaxing and liberating it will be after finishing your work. That is a worthy reward for you.

People like working in a friendly and favorable environment. Some workplaces are dirty, disorganized and they lack a leader to guide the workflow. If you find yourself in such a situation, formulate a chronological plan of activities that need to be accomplished. Prioritize them according to their urgency or significance. For example, arrange cleaning and organizing the area. Afterwards, determine the duties and plan them accordingly. Having order feels peaceful, and it will give a sense of direction.

Make deadlines
Some people complete their work because of a deadline. Mostly, such people thrive under pressure. The deadline motivates them to work fast and harder. Probably if they miss it, there will be a reward or loss. If you realize you are such kind of a person, create deadlines for the tasks, you have been assigned. If you do not thrive under pressure, use the deadlines to control your working pace.

Take care of yourself
Mental and physical health is a critical aspect of every person. Lack of motivation at work may be an indication of neglecting your health. Some people do not eat, sleep, relax and exercise properly. As a result, their bodies develop problems that affect their mental wellbeing. That is why an individual will feel uninterested in working because he or she is not well. Health is essential in enabling us to accomplish our life goals such as work. Take care of yourself, and it will go a long way in keeping you focused on your work.

Be positive
Always be optimistic about your work even when facing challenges. A positive attitude will re-charge your motivation and encourage you to keep working. Always look at work challenges as opportunities to help you grow. By overcoming or resolving the challenges, it increases your skills and experiences. Perceive work as an important life activity that fulfills you. Positive thoughts will help you enjoy your work and look forward to it every day.

Peer pressure
Surround yourself with people who are what you are aiming to be. Positive peer pressure will motivate you to keep working and finally achieve your target. When you encounter difficulties or a slow day, they will inspire and encourage you. This support is important especially in jobs that are difficult to do. Team players could also utilize such kind of motivation from other team members.

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