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Improving your Skills

12th Dec 2017
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Advancements in digital technology have greatly transformed the world, and in particular, the business sector. Technology in the business sector involves the use of computers. It is therefore essential to know how to manipulate data through Microsoft Excel, which is among the best applications for creating a dashboard, storing, and administering data. To begin with, you need to learn MS Excel basics and shortcuts to help cut your workflow. Below are some unique skills that can help you learn and master Microsoft Excel.

Master the Shortcuts

It is important to learn shortcuts to save precious time. Even though the majority of internet users cannot imagine navigating through the internet without using a mouse or a touchpad, using the keyboard alone can save you a great deal of time. For instance, you can use Ctrl Z for undo, Ctrl C and Ctrl V for copy and paste. Other useful shortcuts include Ctrl F to find items, Ctrl-A to select multiple items and Ctrl K to insert hyperlinks. You can also learn other shortcuts from relevant online platforms.

Importing Data from the Website

Knowing how to import data can greatly enhance your workflow. When you come across a website that contains useful data for your project, you can quickly convert it into a worksheet. For this action, you need to click a File named Import External Data and then click New Web Query. After clicking this tab, a new window opens, which displays your homepage with the URL of the page you have highlighted. Select the link to the webpage you want to show and copy paste it into the address box. Click OK, and the content you need shall be imported into your Excel worksheet.

Filtering Results

If you have a spreadsheet with lots of information on it, you can use auto filtering method to select what is relevant to your project. To achieve this, you can click data> filter> and Auto Filter. After that, click one of the boxes and filter the results basing on your needs.

Calculate the Sum

You can save a great deal of time by calculating the sum of a whole column. This is especially true if you intend to use MS Excel regularly. Instead of entering the formula manually, you can simply use "ALT + =" after selecting the first empty cell located at the end of the numbers. After clicking on this command, press tab and the results will be displayed.

Creating Call Logs

You need to learn how to create call logs since excel's main benefit is to organize data. You can click the File Tab before opening the template and enter Call log into the tab to search for online templates. To preview the description on the template, you can click the sales call log and the organizer thumbnail. Finally, download the template and customize it to fulfill your needs.

Auto-Correcting and Auto Filling

This is another way of saving time when working with excel. The feature will help you type less, which can be done in two ways: auto filling and autocorrect. The latter is a feature that corrects typos and misspelled words. To enable this preference, click on the tools tab and select the autocorrect option. AutoFill can be very effective when typing numbered lists manually. To activate it, go to the edit menu and click series after pointing at the Fill tab.

Use PivotTable Tools

The pivot table tool can save you a great deal of time. It is the first item on the Insert tab, a feature that allows you to use a table in a new sheet while still manipulating your data in different ways. It also performs reformatting and saving data automatically.

Page Layout Management

Managing page layout is among the most important things an excel user has to learn. This can be done by clicking on the page layout tab for 2007 and 2010 Microsoft office. Understanding how to manage your page will also make your document easy to scan. For this activity, columns, page numbers, and borders are some of the most important features you can use.

Technology can make life easier if used appropriately. In the business world, learning how to use Microsoft excel effectively can hasten your workflow. You can also use these skills to make your work easier, to impress your colleagues and friends.


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