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Turning a passion into a career

4th Dec 2017
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If you are someone who grew up, or currently plays video games, the chances are that you have, at least some point in time thought of having a career in the video game industry. For some of us, video games have played a big part in shaping our childhood, and for others, video games are a form of release, that transport us into another realm altogether.

Whether you are into the MOBA genre of video games like League of Legends or Starcraft, into the MMO scene, playing games like World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online, or even sitting back and playing single player games like Final Fantasy or Tomb Raider, the gaming industry, is vast and wide.

There goes the common saying, “Do what you love” and that primarily holds true for the video game industry. The people working in it have and are fans of the kind of games that they work with, which is why they decided to get into this sector. If you are wondering whether you would be able to make a career in the video game industry, here are some of the potential jobs that one can opt for, provided that they have the right skills and necessary qualifications.

Game Designers

Game designers are the gods of video gaming. They are the ones that can shape a video game to their will, and bring it to life, to give it to the people of the world. As impressive as being a game designer might seem, there is quite a lot of hard work that goes into drawing up a design for a game, and bringing it to reality. Nevertheless, the job is probably one of the most rewarding, especially if you get to see your work being played by millions of players all over the world. The competition for this kind of job is incredibly fierce, and only the best and most creative out of the lot end up seeing their games make its way to the screens. Going to school specifically for video game design and give you a leg up on the competition.

Developers And Programmers

The code that a video game uses is the heart and brain of a game and is one of essential components that go into making a game what it is. Having good code behind a game will make it smooth to play, bug-free, and a lot more user-friendly. They work to bring the game designer’s idea to work. Game developers usually need to know multiple coding languages and need to know exactly how different systems function to write up the most efficient code. This does not necessarily require a degree but has an incredibly high skill cap if you want to get into it.

Story Writers

At the heart of a good video game is a good story. The story of a video game is what keeps people hooked on and wanted more. Writers are some of an essential people in the video game industry and are the ones who string the concept and the artwork together to bring meaning and life to the game. However, story writers aren’t the only kind of the video game industry. Technical writers are also one kind of writer that is particularly asked for, because of the niche that they provide.


All video games aren’t only in English. Japan, China, Korea and other countries are also significant producers of video games, and to bring them to English speaking audiences, need to be translated appropriately. Translators who are proficient in both languages are in high demand, which is why there is a lot of scope in the industry for this kind of jobs.

Marketing Managers

Advertising and Marketing is an integral part of video games and is something that helps spread the words of video games to the general audiences who would potentially be interested in them. These are people who are proficient in the field of marketing and who know how to make a game more famous. Marketing also involves bringing efficient sponsors to channel funding into the games that one is trying to advertise.

As you can see, there is a lot of scope for jobs in the video game industry, as long as you are proficient in your field, and you love what you do.

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