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Is Frequent Customer Service Team Turnover Costing You Billions? Tips to Overcome the Issue

4th May 2015
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Employees’ turnover, especially from a customer service department, weakens the overall structure of a business because it not only costs billions but also wastes a lot of time and affects the repute of an organization.

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Every business have separate departments and sections such as sales, customer service and operations, where the hiring and firing of employees is a normal phenomenon. However, one sector where the process remains faster than any other department is ‘customer service’. For a business, high CSRs turnover is the biggest concern because recruitment process for hiring new employees not only costs billions but also affects the stability of a department. Frequent employees’ turnover also affects the repute of a business because people avoid working in a company or organization where there remains a threat to job security.

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Besides, for every new hiring, entrepreneurs have to arrange special training sessions and it sometimes take months to completely train the fresh people. In such a situation, the progress or working of a CS department gets slower and disturbed.  According to Response Design Corporation in 2009, out of all industries, call centers had suffered the most employee turnover rate as 26% of their representatives in the front-line were replaced annually.

Therefore, to overcome such a chaotic situation, you need to follow the following tips.

Provide Proper Training to your Employees

Lack of training is one of the reasons for which your employees or CSRs underperform, as a result of which you have to seek their alternatives or they themselves another employer. Therefore, providing proper and relevant training to your CSRs about the usage of a particular business tool and techniques is essential. As you make new policies and business strategies, make sure you have make these known to your employees and have provided them proper training so that it could upgrade the level of your service  and in-turn the business.

Maintain a Healthy Working Environment

It is not always the company or organization which gives an axe to employees, it is sometimes the employees’ choice because they switch the job as they get a better opportunity or when they don’t find the existing working environment healthy or supportive enough. Therefore, within your organization or company, you need to maintain a working environment, where employees could give their best. Promote a healthy, friendly and cooperative environment where your workers could utilize their full potential and talent in best interest of your organization.

Acknowledge the Good Work and Offer Incentives

Acknowledging good work simply through words and providing special offers and bonuses, serves as a motivation for employees to continue performing well. Incentives could be any other thing like –employee of the month award or best performer of the year award. Even small incentives sometimes do wonders in igniting the working passion of an employee.

Equip your Team with Proper tools, techniques and Product Knowledge

Other than getting pay, an employee also expects a career growth in an organization that can only come in the wake of good performance. Therefore, to empower your CSRs to use their full, potential and talent to come up with innovative ideas for your organization, you need to equip them with proper tools, techniques and product knowledge. For instance, if you are running an online business, choose a support channel like live chat software, using which every member of your customer service team could deliver best performance. The multitasking feature of this chat application allows your chat operators to provide on-the-spot, real-time and personalized responses.  Moreover, the complete product knowledge allows live chat operators to provide immediate responses to multiple customers simultaneously.

This is how, by overcoming the CSRs’ turnover rate, an entrepreneur can strengthen its customer service department, which plays the role of backbone for a business organization.


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