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3 Marketing Strategies for Reaching Your Target Customers Before the Competition

1st Aug 2016
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Marketing is critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But, the digital revolution means the face of effective marketing is evolving every day. Focus on mobile while spacing out your messaging in a way that inspires without exasperating your potential clientele.

Below we’ll cover three key strategies designed to maximize engagement and improve your future customer’s experience.

1. Mobile advertising: the power of a simple text

When you hear the term “mobile advertising”, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably apps and advertisements on sites optimized for mobile. But, by far, the most powerful form of mobile advertising is the one that’s utilized the least: text messages and notifications.

Every user interaction with a phone starts with the unlocking of a screen and the viewing of notifications (locked or unlocked). Text messages and app-based notifications have the potential to be seen without the viewer taking action to open an email, or visit a particular website.

The power of text / notification advertising can be seen in the stronger click-through / interaction rates they see. For example, according to Reboot Online: “The open rate for UK SME email marketing campaigns in 2014 was 22.87%...and click-through rates were as low as 3.26%.” The same article points out that in 2010, “90% of [text] messages were read within 3 minutes [of delivery]…with an open/engagement rate of over 50%...”

Text messaging is in, email is dying. The interaction and click-through rates are incredibly telling. Focus on creating concise, valuable text messages that can be sent out to your most loyal customers to drive sales and brand recognition.

2. Data-driven, explosive action requires self-discipline

For SMB’s and start-ups, it’s tempting to go crazy and try every channel of advertising available. The smart entrepreneur will step back and heed the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson: “Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead one to sovereign power.”

Take the following steps to create a great customer experience that encourages customer engagement:

  1. Define your marketing budget.
  2. Profile your target customer to understand how and why they interact with your competitors.
  3. Create valuable content that will earn your brand subscriptions to a mailing list, or customer data to add to a marketing database.
  4. Create a long-term marketing plan that avoids inundating potential customers with a sudden onslaught of marketing.

After you’ve identified the right marketing interval that provides the best potential ROI, create content that will properly display on the target customer’s mobile device. 6. Schedule your marketing outreach with software like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Trust me, having software handle deliver saves you a lot of time, which could be used running your business and improving your customer experience.

3. Inspire and excite

One of the most overlooked opportunities in marketing is the ability to excite an audience through inspiration. Just as the quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson in the previous section, quotes from famous figures in history can provide historical context to your marketing efforts.

Aspiration plus perspiration equals success in marketing. Give your customers a feeling that your product will help them reach something greater, within themselves or in the world around them. Look at how Nike communicates their brand value with the tagline: “Just do it.” Their products empower their customers to get out there and try harder.

Marketing is about providing potential customers with an image that your product or service will make their lives better with minimal effort. Staying with Nike for another moment, consider how their social media presence is used to inspire athletes around the world to reach for greatness.

If you pair positive messaging with an image that matches your tone, you’re far more likely to increase your reach and boost your engagement. “Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.” (HubSpot)

Go mobile, go positive, go measured

Create a killer ad campaign that is delivered in a way that inspires, engages and avoids inundating your potential customers with too many messages. Less is more in advertising; and that means quality is key. Develop a plan, execute and measure the results. Every campaign is an opportunity to learn if you are willing to stick with it and strike the right balance between promotion and inspiration.

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