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The Cheat Sheet for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

28th Mar 2016
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Having realized that customer satisfaction is the key to successful business, business brands are seriously leveraging the winning power of effective customer relationship management to achieve customer loyalty.

Satisfied customers are the most loyal; and the more loyal customers you have, the more your chances of making repeat sales. As a result, there’ll be an unprecedented increase in revenue growth.

According to a report, customer-centric companies gained 43% in performance compared to a 33.9% decrease for companies who have neglected customer experience. Another study also shows that top marketers were focused on delivering an efficient customer experience. The research found that digital marketers were spending almost as much to retain customers (45%) as they do to gain new ones (55%).

But how can you go about creating a perfect customer experience that would bring about satisfaction, hence loyalty? The following steps will guide you through.

customer satisfaction

  1. Treat customers like king

It is an open secret that customers like to be treated like kings. The old cliché that ‘customers are always right’ lends credence to this. Customers want to get value for their money, and at the same time have a say in the way you conduct your business. You’re always at the mercy of the customer since they reserve the right to decide whom to patronize. Therefore, it behoves you to satisfy your king and make him happy. Respect their opinions, respond to their queries promptly, be polite in relating with them, and treat privacy issues seriously.

  1. Reward them for their loyalty

One of the sure-fire ways to achieve customer satisfaction is to reward them for their loyalty. They’ll also reciprocate with their loyalty. Essentially, it’s a way of appreciating them for keeping you in business, and an indirect way of telling them you want to continue doing business with them.

There are many ways to reward customers depending on your budget. They include giving discounts by issuing promo codes, making them brand ambassadors, inviting them to special events, offering referral bonuses, and giving out cash prizes.

  1. Fulfil your promises

Typically, your business brand is a reflection of your mission statement, which details your purpose, values, and objectives. Most times, customers see this as your promise to offer quality services. So they seek to establish a relationship with your company based on those perceived promises. Therefore, it is your duty to painstakingly fulfil your promises to the letter.

For example, if you sell products that have warranty, customers expect you to fulfil the terms of that warranty. Anything contrary to this will be a breach of promise. Therefore, your ability to keep promises ultimately determines your level of credibility.

  1. Build a lasting relationship with your customers

When it comes to making customers happy, you should consider building a lasting relationship with them. Doing this not only strengthens the bond between you and your customers, it also increases your chances of being recommended to other prospective clients.

To do this, you should personalize your communication with them, take feedback regularly and act on them, stay in regular contact with customers, build trust and show compassion. This will give you the key to the heart of your customers.

  1. Offer exceptional customer support

Typically, part of what makes a business brand unique is its ability to offer top-notch customer support. Today, customers don’t assess companies based on the quality of their products alone; they also consider the effectiveness of their customer service.

To serve customers with the best support system, you should employ competent customer service personnel, and invest in customer support tools such as mobile apps, live chat, social media channels, and a solid data base. If you do all these, you’d set your business on the path glory and your success will grow in leaps and bounds.

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