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6 tips to automate your marketing

31st Mar 2020
Founder/CEO Manage your leads
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Your business success is directly related to how well you make use of available marketing techniques. Many marketing methods are time-consuming and tedious, however. The best way to create better results is to find ways to automate your tasks inside marketing campaigns. Here are six ways to accomplish that goal.

Automated webinars

Webinars are an effective selling tool. They also take a great deal of time to plan, create and deliver. The solution is to record your webinar presentation once and then offer it again and again to your leads. If you take the time to craft a converting selling webinar, then you’ll automate the selling process as every new subscriber is sold into your products and services on autopilot.

Social Media Marketing & Automation

Social media marketing requires frequent posting in order to help followers and fans see your content. Many software solutions exist that help accomplish this, such as:

  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • MeetEdgar

These apps give you scheduling options so you can drip your social content out at various times or on certain days. For example, MeetEdgar lets you create categories that are shared randomly. You might share your latest blog post on Monday, company updates on Tuesday and third-party industry articles on Wednesday. You can also use RSS feeds to pull content into your social channels.

Another feature that social media automation tools help with is scheduling auto responses to different types of requests that come in from prospects and customers.

Live Chat Software

Live chat options help speed up your marketing efforts and create a more efficient process. Improve your lead generation results by:

  • Customizing messages
  • Engaging in real time with prospects
  • Improving the lead nurturing process
  • Shortening the sales cycle

Live chat software works to provide a more customized experience for each customer. Everything is based off of their specific needs and questions. Typically, bots start the conversation and solve simple issues before a live agent steps in when a human-to-human conversation is needed.

This form of automation improves calls-to-action because you have the customer’s attention in a more engaging way than when they visit a landing page. The longer you keep a prospect engaged in conversation, the higher the chance is that they’ll decide to purchase from you.

Email Marketing

Automating your email marketing is where you have some of the greatest opportunities to improve conversions.

Marketing automation allows you to create customer journeys. Instead of sending the same set of emails to all leads, marketing automation lets you create different pathways based on the needs and decisions of leads as they “journey” through your follow up sequences.

Using “if, then” technology, this type of email marketing ensures that each prospect receives emails with content that fits their current needs. It improves upon the more traditional method where everyone receives the same 7-day email course, for example.

CRM Tracking Software

Use client relationship management software (CRM) to track meetings, calls and emails for every customer in your database. This type of automation increases internal efficiency and improves overall customer experience.

Website Popup Technology

On-site popups automate the behavior of your website visitors. Target customers who are first-time visitors, are about to bounce or are repeat visitors via smart ads. Each one of these campaigns ties into your email marketing automation as well.

Use these tips and achieve more leads and sales as a result.

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