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Bridging the crypto customer experience gap

16th Feb 2020
Founder/CEO Manage your leads
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The cryptocurrency industry has shown massive growth ever since the conception of Bitcoin. It has surged very dramatically and a lot of crypto investors and traders have made a lot of money when doing so. 

On the other hand, some businesses have started recognizing it as a real currency that people can use to make purchases. Because of all that rapid growth, it may be hard for crypto companies to focus on the customer experience they are providing. 

They might focus on growing the business further and neglect the human side of it all, which is very important to the consumers. How can this gap be bridged? Here are tips on how to bridge the crypto customer experience gap:

Listen to customer complaints

The best way to find methods to improve your customer experience is listening to the complaints from the customers you have. There are various methods of doing that; they include having a mailbox solely dedicated to customer complaints. 

Those complaints may have different grievances; for example, other customers may find the platform you are using hard to familiarize themselves with. Listening to those complaints will help you improve the customer experience you provide and boost the chances of getting referrals. It will also help you retain customers in the long run, generating more revenue for yourself. 

Ask for their opinion

Customers like to be heard and seeing their recommendations being followed through. You can open that subject for discussion by asking the customers you have to comment about where the business can improve. 

Offer them options for payment methods and apprise them on how to sell bitcoin to PayPal, prepaid Visa card, using wire transfer or at a Bitcoin location near them. Option to buy and sell bitcoins will open up options for them and they’ll be highly satisfied with that experience.

You will retain current customers and attract new ones because since they recommended it, that means it’s a concerning matter for more clients. The customers will feel more unified with the business when you ask for their opinion and use their recommendations.

Dedicate a team that will provide great customer experience

When running the company, it may be hard for you or you may simply neglect the customer experience aspect. Therefore, you need help from other people who will specifically take care of creating a great customer experience. 

The customer service team in your workforce will be responsible for taking customer complaints and ensuring that they are serviced. They can also research the complaints that most crypto customers have and then come up with recommendations on how to be proactive in preventing them from affecting the company.

Integrate AI to the daily operations

Technology is vastly improving and it can help you improve the customer experience the business provides. For example, people hate sending a message and getting responded to in hours, days or even months. Some companies may have a sound excuse for this, which can be that they handle thousands of messages each day. 

However, customers don’t really care about that and because of that, the need for automating responses is very high. Using AI chatbots with automated responses can help you improve the customer experience you provide.

Be available on social media platforms

Cryptocurrency traders and investors are usually found in at least one social media platform. In that way, companies should consider being available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Creating accounts on all social media platforms is very important because you will be able to service more customers. They can engage with you on these platforms and to improve your customer experience, you should also do the same on their posts. Managing these accounts will be the responsibility of both your marketing and customer experience teams.

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