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HR tactics that improve customer service

27th Aug 2019
Founder/CEO Manage your leads
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One of the best ways to ensure your company’s profitability is to ensure you have the right people filling the right positions in the organization. Your human resources are as valuable as any others.

A lot of employers tend to undervalue the role their employees play. As amazing as your product or service is, having inefficient staff members representing your company can lead to the ruin of your business. If you want to avoid this fate, you need to make sure you have an excellent HR system in place.

Quality staff

Your recruitment process should attract the best applicants for the job. Advertising in the newspaper and expecting to reach the entire pool of prospective candidates is short-sighted. The bulk of recruitment happens online, so don’t get left behind. Post online job advertisements and make use of social media to let people know you have a vacancy.

Make the most of the interview session. The applicant may already have impressed you on paper with their qualifications and work experience. However, the interview is another way to get a good idea of whether they will manage the job. You can give them different customer service scenarios to see how they would handle them.

Embrace technology

In the past, HR functions were managed manually, and systems were viewed as separate entities. Therefore, employee vacation days were controlled by one person, while the payroll was handled by another. The two people would have done their jobs on a mutually exclusive basis.

Today, there are HR software options that reduce the need for personnel and make record-keeping more convenient. A human resource management system (HRMS) integrates all HR functions and creates a central employee database. 

It can even record data such as feedback from supervisors based on customers’ feedback. This type of information can feed performance review processes.

HRMS software automates many HR administrative processes, such as applying for vacation or sick days and printing out salary slips. The system features a self-service portal where employees can log in and access some of their data securely.

Training and development

Managers are often so obsessed by looking for new employees externally that they forget they have current employees who deserve a promotion. One of the most significant impacts an employer can make is investing in their human resources.

Training and development are a massive part of the HR function. Few people want to work in one position for the rest of their lives. Most seek growth and improvement. They want to be recognized for it and accept more responsibility.

Customer service training is one of the most critical skills your frontline staff need. They might have people skills, but they need to know the company’s policies and procedures if they want to help customers successfully. Excellent customer service requires equal amounts of knowledge and skill.

Planning and predictions

Many businesses have seasonal HR demands. This means that there are specific times of the year when they need more employees. Knowing this allows the HR manager to start preparing for this factor beforehand.

For example, online stores have a lot more customers around the holiday season. With this increased volume of clients comes more queries and complaints. The HR manager can anticipate this based on past trends and make provision for it. More customer service agents will be hired to avoid long waiting periods for assistance, which could upset a lot of customers.

Another proven tactic is succession planning. When senior personnel approach retirement, their replacement should be recruited and selected before they leave. During the overlap period, they can hand over the reins to allow for a smooth transition. 

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