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The power of positivity in customer service

28th Aug 2018
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Many people associate working in customer service with negativity. It can be a challenge to spend the day dealing with negative feedback, customer complaints and more. When this is done daily over an extended period of time, it can create significant on-the-job stress.

Once negative thoughts enter a customer service worker's mind, it will create negative feelings about their work, it can result in bad outcomes. Embracing positive thinking in this type of work situation can change a person's life for the better. 

Positive thinking 

This is also known as a positive mental attitude. It is an uplifting approach to life that has been around since the 1930s.

This is a way for individuals to embrace the power associated with positive thinking to achieve success. One of the main principles behind it is that individuals with an upbeat mental attitude attract positive change. It has also has shown to increase an individual's opportunities no matter what their circumstance. 

Customer service 

When people work in customer service, they can benefit significantly from developing and keeping a positive attitude. This will make it easier for them to deal effectively with the many challenges associated with doing this type of work. A person in this position should make every effort to not fall into the trap of constant negativity.

Individuals who perform their job duties through positive reinforcement are helping their career. It can help their mood and energy. They will have better health and may be able to avoid harmful health conditions and more. 

Emotional connection with customers 

When a customer service representative is able to effectively communicate with customers, it will provide a positive outcome. This will lead to an emotional connection that can last, provide the customer with a positive experience, and motivate them to buy more of the company's products or services.

It will involve a customer service representative providing positive emotions including happiness as well as gratitude and more. Customers prefer to work and buy from a company with positive people. 

Work satisfaction 

When a customer service representative views their job as being able to help customers deal with the frustration and irritations they're experiencing, it can provide a positive work attitude.

These customer service representatives know they can't control a difficult customer's attitude. They know speaking with a customer using a positive thought process can help improve a customer's attitude. These are individuals who know if they can master their emotions, and they can turn a bad situation into a positive one. 

Improved problem-solving skills 

One of the most important skills a customer service representative can develop is problem-solving. Research has shown when people are under constant stress it can put them under intense negative pressure. It will affect their decisions. Individuals may go into fight-or-flight mode.

Rational thinking is avoided for a quicker response to survive. In a customer service situation, a quick response is not always the best one. Self-awareness is important for a person to utilize their positive energy. Once this is done, they find it easier to provide more options to customers and move them toward the best possible solutions. 

Beneficial customer interactions 

An interaction between a customer service representative and a customer is a two-way street. When one of them decides to remain positive no matter what is happening, a positive outcome is more likely.

A customer service representative who presents themselves as calm and in control will experience a customer who will mirror this behavior. Once a customer is aware of the positive attitude they are interacting with, it will help the customer feel better about resolving their issues with the company. 

Better work environment 

Each member of any team contributes to the work environment. This includes both in positive and negative ways. Members of a team will notice attitudes and be attuned to the performance of their team. The more team members share negative thoughts, gossip and complain, the more the work environment will become toxic. The opposite is also true. When team members focus on the positive and eliminate negativity, the team will be lifted up. 

It is a fact of life that people are emotional beings. This emotion plays an important role in how individuals interact with one another. Many individuals have changed their life once they realized the impact of their behavior and make a choice to see things in a positive way. It is important for any person involved in customer service to realize their state of mind is what will have the most influence in determining the outcome of their interactions with customers.

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Ruth Hoffmann
By Ruth Hoffman
27th Aug 2018 20:48

Great article....
I've been in customer service in varying capacities for the past 10 years, and one thing that I've learned whenever in a position where the answers aren't clear is that it's okay to ask "Why?" In fact, responding to a customer question with a question is often the best way to discover the root cause of an issue and provide the ultimate solution.

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