Winning personalities behind top brands

1st Dec 2018

Happy, bashful, sleepy - okay, so I’m not about to prove I know all the names to the seven dwarfs (I do!) but, more importantly, I wanted to get you into the mindset of thinking about personalities.

In fact, beyond the seven dwarfs and of course, us humans, brands also have their own personalities and we recently did some work to understand what some of the UK’s most reputable brands (according to consumers on the Reputation RepTrak studies) had in common when it comes to their brand personality.

The top ten list of reputable brands in the UK included:

1. Rolex

2. The Lego Group

3. Bosch Ltd

4. Dyson Ltd

5. Nintendo

6. Rolls-Royce

7. Sony Corp


9. Samsung Electronics

10. The Walt Disney Co.

Using IBM Watson’s Personality Insights tool, we assessed the press releases of these top businesses to understand their common personality traits.

Top_and_bottom_brand_personality_traits_UK 2018

Openness - was one of the most important traits among the reputable brands. On average, these top brands ranked in the 87th percentile for openness. Rolex especially scored in the 99th percentile.

Trust was also a key trait. On average, the top companies scored in the 92nd percentile for trust. When this quality comes through in branding efforts and is backed up by a solid reputation, it can be incredibly attractive for consumers. All top brands were also in the 94th for uncompromising standards.

The most reputable brands also had high scores for immoderation. At first glance, immoderation might not seem like a positive trait for a reputable brand, but a high score for immoderation can also indicate a deep passion for pursuing a company’s values, goals, and ideas.

Regardless of industry, the personality behind a brand is key for connecting and building trust with customers. As marketing and branding trends continue to evolve, companies will always need to ensure a focus on key qualities that will elevate their reputations and build loyalty among their customer bases.

More details and insights about the various personality traits across sectors, as well as a comparison to the US can be found here:

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