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How does advertising affect buying behaviour?

3rd Jan 2017
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Whether you are trying to advertise a new product, service or your business as a whole, it’s incredibly important and can have a direct impact on your success. No matter how big or small, your business needs advertising. It’s one of the only ways to to raise brand awareness and get your brand out into the wider world.

So what effect does advertising actually have on your consumers? Does your advertising campaign influence your audience in any way, such as their buying decisions? Advertising is intrinsically linked to your marketing process, and has a place in every business. With various options available, you have the opportunity to discover and utilise the best strategy for your audience.

Advertising gives you a specific platform to shout about your brand, product or service. By using it to your advantage, you’re able to unlock the full potential of your company and show your target audience what you can do for them.

Understand Your Audience

You can’t create an advertising campaign, or even move forward with a marketing strategy if you don’t understand your consumers; both present and potential. What demographics make up your target audience? Who is going to be most interested in what you have to offer?
Building a customer profile of the ideal target customer can help you tailor your advertisements to reach the right people; those who are more likely to identify or understand the message you’re sending out.

Getting Your Message Across

You might understand your brand perfectly and know how good your service is, but your audience might not. Your advertising efforts must convey a message that is both in line with your branding, while informing your audience of a unique and useful product or service.

What makes your company different from your competitors? Consumers are more likely to respond to an advertisement that offers something innovative, creative and different from the thousand adverts they’ve seen before.

The stage of converting your consumers from advert-watchers to buyers isn’t always an easy task.

Being Authentic

Consumers are cleverer and more savvy to marketing tactics, having been exposed to them for so long. This means that when advertising your brand or product, you must be inventive and more importantly, authentic. A subtler approach can sometimes be more effective, enabling your consumer to be personally invested in your brand or product.

Authentic advertising and branding is an important stage in your strategy, appealing to your audience in a more approachable way and therefore being more of an influence on their buying decisions.

Targeting Your Audience

Advertising has come a long way from campaigns of the past. Now in the digital age, advertisements have taken a new turn and appear in even more places. Painting a trustworthy, authentic picture of your business can help consumers to be more invested in you and more likely to buy.

Evoking emotion, talking to your audience on a personal level or involving your consumers’ known interests are all successful tactics. Whether you want to entice new customers to take an interest in your product or service, or bring back repeat custom, branded advertising is a proven method.


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