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How to create more engaged customers

18th Oct 2017
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In the era of digital devices, where customers and employees alike have their nose in their phones and their minds on the cloud, it’s harder than ever to foster high levels of engagement. Yet companies can’t resign themselves to failure; engaged customers can be a huge boon to any business, bringing repeat business back to the store and providing crucial feedback to improve your services. So where should a company begin when trying to engage more customers?

A quick review of some of the most successful engagement-creation tactics shows that fostering higher customer engagement isn’t impossible, it just takes the right investment of time, money, and effort.

Building an enjoyable shopping experience

The first step in fostering higher levels of customer engagement is providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. When things go wrong, however, and they inevitably will in any business, it’s equally vital that a well-trained customer service representative backed by an efficient company system is ready to alleviate customer’s worries using SCR888 if he has to. Americans in particular place a premium on good customer service; a firm’s perceived ability to reach out to its aggrieved consumers could make or break its spot on the Fortune 500 list. So where should companies begin?

Besides having well-trained representatives who can deal with an upset customer in person, companies can engage customers by designing a personalized shopping experience. Allowing your customers to create accounts on your website, for instance, or download an app on their smartphones, is a great way to not only keep track of their purchases while offering them deals, but to bring them back for future business.

Social media campaigns tie into this nicely; advertising campaigns that directly interact with users timelines build a personal connection with those potential customers, and let them know you have a vested interest in their wellbeing. Similarly, when tragedy strikes, a well-honed social media team can respond to PR-gaffes very quickly, and can reach the specific customers most valuable to you through microtargeting.

Such campaigns also allow customers to interact with one another when discussing or being exposed to brands, and humans are always more engaged when speaking with friends and family as opposed to a corporate worker asking them to fill out a feedback slip. Companies should be cautious, however; as HBR points out, insensitive attempts to generate engagement can backfire on the unwary.

The importance of building a strong customer-feedback system cannot be understated; if more than three quarters of customers are willing to abandon a transaction because of faulty customer service, businesses can’t afford to let a skilled customer services employee or efficient system slip through the cracks. But how else can a company build stronger relationships with its customers?

Events and offerings make for happy customers

There’s no use in developing a large social media following for your company or brand if you’re not going to adequately use it; customers want to feel important and noticed by the companies they support, meaning you have to provide special incentives for them to follow you.

Often times, this can be as easy as offering exclusive deals to your social media followers, a tactic which also serves to up your name recognition as you pepper your most loyal followers with advertisements and special offers. Not everything has to be digital, however; throwing events either at your company’s location or in public spaces is a great way to generate hype about upcoming products or services, and customers who attend events physically are likely to remember your brand.

As Forbes accurately points out, humans are emotional creatures who naturally seek out the support of a community. Your company taking part in communal events is thus critical to developing a positive brand and an intimate connection to those who support your business. KelloggInsight’s research into customer engagement has found time and time again that inspiring people and building communal relationships is often the key towards what makes a marketing campaign successful.

Your business can only get as much out of your customers as it puts into them. Developing personal bonds takes time, and won’t be accomplished overnight or with half-hearted ad campaigns that pander to current social trends without really understanding them. Successful businesses understand that creating an engaged customer is a lifelong process, and requires constant updates and offers to keep your loyal consumers coming back.

Making it as easy as possible for your customers with seamless digital platforms that are easy to sign into and provide financial benefits is a tried and tested way of fostering engagement, but misses out on the full picture. Today’s most successful brands have made themselves household staples because they relate to consumers on a personal level, and don’t talk down to them. Any business looking for more engaged customers should take note of that, and remember that you catch more customers with honey than you do vinegar.

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By sarajane
10th Nov 2017 21:11

Fostering higher customer engagement is indeed a big investment of time, money, and effort. Most of which companies have little of to invest which is sad. So many companies spend so much on their product or service on the front end and lose sight of what keeps customers inspired to keep them loyal to their brand for the long term. But hopefully companies will be more motivated to make the effort once they see how imperative it is to their bottom line.

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