How to sell across the full customer cycle

16th Jan 2018

Selling across the full customer cycle is something many budding business analyst and aspiring entrepreneurs fail to master, even though it’s deathly critical for your business’ success. As you’ll come to learn, your customer’s experience shouldn’t stop the moment a sale is over. By relying on the advice of true experts, you’ll come to recognize all parts of the customer cycle, and will master it accordingly.

So where should you begin when it comes to understanding the full customer cycle, and what common missteps should you avoid? Follow the path set by others before you, and rely on seasoned expertise, and you’ll soon find yourselves pleasing your customers and bringing in profits in ways you never previously imagined possible.

Don’t end it at the sale

While many entrepreneurs and business managers are justifiably concerned about overselling themselves or their products, there are legitimate reasons to linger in your customer’s minds after you’ve closed a sale. Whether you’re pitching a product or a service, however, it’s vital that closing a sale doesn’t mark the end of your customer’s experience with your company. Doing so could leave them unsatisfied in the long run, and let them nurse doubts that your competitors are a better alternative.

When it comes to selling across the full customer cycle, you shouldn’t be focused on the purchase so much as the repurchase. Making your customer come around a second time is often the key towards financial success, and you’ll want to employ workers and strategic solutions that take this into consideration before most other things. For instance, staying in contact with your customers via a rewards program that saves them cash in the long-run for continued loyalty is a fantastic way to ensure they’ll return to your business in the future.

The consumer decision cycle is long, and not always easy to understand, but it’s critical that your strategic decision makers and your entry-level employees alike recognize the importance being there for your customer when they need you the most. To lure in more spend-thrifty consumers, your advertisements will need to be ready to pounce at the right moment, meaning you’ll need to understand your audience thoroughly to have a successful marketing campaign.

After you’ve built a profile of your customer base and established when they need your products or services the most often, you can establish a program that reaches out to them via newsletters, emails, and targeted advertisements when they’re most likely to make their next purchase. Mastering customer lifecycle marketing like this will go a long way towards helping you sell across the full customer cycle.

When it comes towards making an impact in the market that ensures your business will remain solvent for years to come, it’s all about winning over consumer loyalty. Your customers will reward your company’s tried-and-tested services more if they’re always there when needed, and will quickly build strong mental associations between your brand and their personal preferences. Never fail to recognize that, as catering to your customer’s strongest desires at the times of peak demand will prove vital towards your success.

Mastering the sales cycle

Learning to master the sales cycle – thereby selling across the full customer cycle – is the easiest way to ensure your company wins over customers in the long run. Your customers won’t always be interested in your product, and there will always be a time and place for each ad. If you’re marketing your new, meaty burger to customers who just left a restaurant with their stomachs full, you’d be wasting your hard-earned cash; similarly, it’s useless to employ sales tactics for your other services or products if your customers aren’t primed and ready to receive them at the ideal time.

Part of selling across the full customer cycle, then, is understanding how to navigate long sales cycles that prove incredibly challenging to impatient businesses always looking to score a buck. Certain business strategies will help long sales cycles end better than others, and a failure to employ the right strategy for your business could end up locking out consumers who get the wrong ad or newsletter at the wrong time. Your branding provided by a company like Eraser Farm, will prove vital towards your success, acting as a beacon that lures in potential customers for years to come.

By analyzing how your customers make decisions, and timing your advertisements properly, you’ll come to retain consumers better than you ever did before. Similarly, you’ll want to have a strategy in place and the right team around the implement it when your sales figures begin to trickle thanks to seasonal downtimes. By preparing your business with the right marketing strategy, you’ll find yourself selling across the full customer cycle in no time, and quickly bring in new consumers who may have otherwise never walked through your front doors.

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