Tips On How To Use CRM More Effectively

6th Apr 2017

For small businesses, customer relationship management software can be a lifesaver. These programs help entrepreneurs track crucial data, such as how customer interactions are going and who you’re reaching out to. CRM can help you sort through customer data in innovative and powerful ways, doing everything from helping you predict customer needs to processing sales and developing partnerships through the features offered.

CRM is often equipped with extensive capabilities that offices don’t fully utilize to the best of their ability, which can lead to an inefficient system. Don’t waste your software. Work on using your CRM as effectively as possible. This means coming up with innovative ways to process the information, making information widely available, and ensuring that everyone knows best practices for using the software and is comfortable with it.

Train everyone to use it

No matter how many features your CRM software has, you won’t be able to utilize it effectively if your employees don’t know how to use it. Rather than hoping they can identify on their own the key features of the program, make sure you incorporate a thorough review of the CRM program into employee training for new hires. Go over all the features in detail. This training should be robust and should give employees ample time to get comfortable with the system. Consider a training system that lasts several days, as well as regularly scheduled refreshers and tutorials, so that your employees figure out everything the software can do and don’t forget it as soon as they walk out of training and stop regularly using half the features.

Additionally, this training should also focus on helping your employees stop turning to other tools that are provided in the CRM. For example, spreadsheet capabilities are available in most CRM software, but employees may be used to opening up Excel for data processing. Use training to help educate your employees on the benefits of using every feature your CRM has to offer.

Improve customer service through customer feedback

One of the things your CRM can do is help you monitor and review the full details of every customer interaction. Take advantage of this by logging customer feedback when it’s given within the CRM program. Make it part of the documentation process. By doing so, you create an effective database of feedback, problems and suggested solutions that customer service representatives can search through to identify weaknesses in your company’s setup. Notice, for example, where customers virtually always need extra assistance and incorporate that assistance into your regular manual of customer interaction. By documenting the right information, you can turn your CRM into a powerful tool for multiple departments, not just salesman.

Incorporate your CRM into marketing

According to Entrepreneur, good CRMs will often come with features that can enable you to track and develop not just customer relations but marketing campaigns and their reach as well. By using your CRM to get immediate feedback on the deals and campaigns you launch with your business, you can figure out what customers are responding to and what they aren’t interested.

If your CRM has the capability of telling you what subjects or deals your customers are clicking on, interacting with or using, you can determine how to move forward with a campaign and how to modify marketing campaigns in the future. You can even develop a marketplace app that can help you. Avoid subjects that don’t generate a lot of user response and amp up the deals and promotions that get your customers interacting with your business. This helps keep customers happy and makes them loyal, because they feel like the company is directly responding to what they find most enjoyable.

Your CRM does not have to be limited to its standard use in monitoring and tracking customer interactions. With some innovation and creativity, you can effectively incorporate the capabilities of your CRM into multiple business departments and help maximize and improve customer relations for your entrepreneurial business.


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