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20th Feb 2019

Email Marketing

The world is moving with the speed of a rocket. There are new ideas, trends, techniques and technologies becoming popular every day. On one hand, this seems like a good thing – everyone making progress and moving forward. But on the other hand, this could be bad for those who can’t keep up. And, well, there are many!

Just like several other fields out there, these new trends and techniques sometimes take a toll on marketing agencies. Every year, hundreds of growing marketing agencies suddenly vanish because they couldn’t match the pace of the world.

So, one may ask, why does it happen? Where do they go wrong?

For starters, they don’t have their strategies up-to-date. Most startup businesses don’t have a well-working marketing strategy. They either don’t use them all or don’t use them right. For instance, they don’t have email marketing strategies that work, or they don’t send out emails at all. People do that – Yes!

Why Do Businesses Not Send Out Emails?

“Why would someone do that?” You might ask. But the answer is, not everyone knows about the best email marketing strategies. And as a result, they choose not to use an option at all rather than using it wrong.

We all have experienced some nonprofessional, badly composed emails once in our lives, haven’t we?

So, to avoid bad marketing, businesses, especially startups, tend to not send out emails. However, you don’t have to be one of them, because we have got you covered in this article. Yes, you heard right!

We are here with some amazing and super-easy email marketing strategies that work just fine for almost every business. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading to keep growing!

Types Of Marketing Emails

When it comes to marketing via emails, we have three distinct types. These include:

1.Transactional Emails

The first type of email in email marketing is the transactional one. These emails are normally automated and are usually sent in response to a customer’s activities. Yes, we’re talking about those welcome messages and payment updates that we get after we have joined or bought from a website. Apart from these two examples, transactional emails also include registration, order tracking and check out emails.

Transactional emails are quite crucial for email marketing because they tend to have the highest open rate. Moreover, they establish a level of trust between a buyer and seller.

2.Marketing Emails

Marketing emails usually come under the category of advertising and promotional emails. Mostly these emails are sent to those who have subscribed to updates and newsletters. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Promotional emails can be sent to anyone and everyone. This may include existing clients, potential buyers, sellers, news reporters etc. By sending marketing emails, you can promote any sales, discounts, events, or make important announcements.

3.Operational Emails

Lastly, the operational emails are more like public announcements and important notices. These can be related to almost anything, like the under-maintenance website, holidays, changes in privacy policies etc. Sending out such emails can let your clients know that your brand cares for them enough to inform about something.

Now you must be thinking that you’ve been using all three of these email types and still don’t get enough engagement. So, what would you be doing wrong? Take a look at these amazing email marketing strategies that work, to find out.

The Best Email Marketing Strategies

If you’re a growing business or a startup company and you need to polish your email marketing etiquette, you’ve come to the right place. So, here we are with some of the best tips to help you refine or redefine your email marketing strategy.

1.Identify Your Target Audience

What’s the use of advertising if you’re not targeting the right audience, right? Knowing and identifying the right audience for marketing is one of the most important email marketing strategies.

So, how do we identify the right audience? The answer is simple! We find them out from our own email list. However, there may be emails from hundreds of clients or potential clients in the inbox. So, this may not be an easy task as it will consume lots of time. But don’t give up just yet as it will ultimately be useful.

Analyse your email list carefully and look for those clients that actually bought something from your website. Identifying these emails is important, so that you can send relevant emails to these in future. If someone nearly bought something from your website but exited just before checking out, they can also be potential buyers. So, make sure you keep track of them and keep sending them gentle reminders of visiting again.

2.Slay The Subject Lines

It’s like your first impression on your prospective client. We’d like to make it perfect, don’t you?

In order to make your email marketing work, it’s quite important to write subject lines that are catchy. Your subject lines must be compelling enough to make a reader click the mail open.

But there’s another thing to consider before sending out emails. What’s your intention of sending the email? Do you want to get more engagement or create awareness? Because both of these require different subject lines.

In order to get a higher click-through-rate, write longer subject lines, whereas shorter subject lines provoke more opens.

3.Be Intimate, But Not Too Much

Another one of effective email marketing strategies that work is to fake familiarity with the audience. Why should you do that? Well, for starters, it can save your email from being mistaken as spam.

Most people delete spam mail without even opening them. To make sure yours doesn’t end up in the deleted files; try to make your mail as intimate and personal as possible. To do that, you must include your first and last name in the email along with your company’s email address.

4.Personalisation Is Preferred

Personalised and customised emails are preferred by the readers most of the time. If your email is customised and makes the readers believe as if it was written specifically for them, then you are a winner.

So, how would you do that?

This is extremely easy and can be done through small steps. For instance, you can include their name instead of writing ‘Dear User’. Users will prefer the email starting with ‘Dear John’ (for example) instead of Dear User. It has a more familiar feel to it.

5.Create Compelling Content

If you’re slaying the subject lines and becoming a pro in personalisation, don’t think it ends there. These are just the basics of email marketing strategies. In order to make the most of email marketing, your body content needs to be compelling, too.

The body of an email is the part where you can provide maximum information about a product/service/event to your audience. So, make sure you create content that compels the reader to take action. There are several things you can do to create engaging content. For instance, using humour and a conversational style of writing have proved very effective.

6.Don’t Forget The Call-to-Actions

A call-to-action button is extremely important for a marketing email. Sometimes people read emails on their way to or back from work. So, if they like your email content and want to visit your website they’ll need a link to click on. Otherwise, they’ll just discard it or think about visiting your website manually later. But in most cases, that’s not going to happen because they’ll either forget or get caught up in something else.

So, in order to avoid your efforts going to waste, it’s important to include a CTA button within the email. Moreover, using bright colours and large fonts in the CTA button can attract more audience to click and convert. Apart from that, a relevant landing page is also important if you really want to get some conversions with clicks.

7.Keep It Mobile-Friendly

According to surveys and research, “mobile opens accounts for 47 per cent of all email opens”. So, in order to grab more audience, it’s important to send emails that are mobile friendly. Most emails are by default designed for desktops and laptops. Due to this reason, they may not look that great on a mobile screen. As a result, you lose the audience that prefers reading their mail on their hand-gadgets. For avoiding this, you must have your emails tailored for a cell phone as well as a desktop in terms of content as well as layout.

Still looking for email marketing strategies that work? Keep reading!

8.Find Out The Best Time/Day For Emailing

Email marketing, like any other type of marketing, needs to be properly carried out. And by that, we mean that certain times are better than others to send emails so they can have a better chance to be read.

According to experts, who analysed lots of relevant data in the field, the best day to send out an email is Tuesday. Some others have even tried to find out the right time to do it. The results showed that 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm, and from 8 pm to midnight are the ideal times for sending emails.

While these results are general, you can always find out what works best for you specifically with trial and error.

9.Don’t Let The Dormant Die

Many startups think that if they have a long list of contacts for sending emails, its sure to get them clicks and conversions. But this is not the case, at least not entirely. The people you reach out to via email may convert if only they’re active and read them.

Almost 63% of your email list is inactive. It’s true! There are full-fledged researches available on this. So, what can you do to make those zombies alive?

One of the best email marketing strategies is to start a re-engagement campaign. These emails can woo your inactive subscribers and may even bring back. To get them back instantly, make sure you use relevant CTAs at the bottom of your emails.

10.Use Your Social Media

Social media may not be a great place to engage with the audience, but it can aid the process of email marketing. How can it do that? It’s simple, as you just have to create relevant landing pages for different social media platforms. Offer codes, discount vouchers and a certain percentage off on your products for those who subscribe to your emails. You can send out emails for when you will be hosting a ‘watch party’ on Facebook or what time will you be coming lie on IGTV. These options can help boost engagement and ultimately result in conversions.


We hope that our email marketing strategies that actually work will have helped you in understanding the importance of sending emails. If you follow all or at least some of these email marketing strategies, you will see a noticeable change in the rate of conversions and your regular click-through-rates will also improve.

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