Marketing strategy tips for the new year

23rd Nov 2018

Businesses invest a great deal of money and time on their brand marketing and advertising of services or products.

Earlier when you used to advertise on offline channels like print and TV, you just wished for the best regarding the result. Now, with digital marketing and advertising you can keep track of ads and change them accordingly.

Dissimilar from the traditional marketing, digital marketing excites me for its real-time tracking. You can keep an eye and make changes instantly. In digital advertising make simple tweaks, and your ad is good to go while in old marketing you had to shoot an entire ad to get it right for results. With digital advertising, all you need to do is adjust the content, and you are all set to go.

The benefits of digital marketing are endless. The question is as a brand how can you be sure about boosting ROI and maximising your performance? When acting upon a digital marketing strategy, there are some practices to keep in mind to gather the best results. Here I have gathers some guidelines and tips to add to your digital marketing strategy:

Bread in too many baskets

This is a commonly made a mistake by many new business owners – they try to do everything all at the same time with less experience.

You created ten social media accounts. You made a cool PPC campaign. You set a strong blogging schedule on a topic you haven’t thoroughly researched about.

And the worst part is you haven’t used any of those social media platforms before!

Sounds familiar?

If yes, then stop immediately. The worst mistake a rookie business owner can make is trying to manage too many social media accounts. We will get to that mistake in the next section.

But for the moment, your lesson is to understand: less is more. When you are starting, consistency and focus is your primary goal.

  • Focus: if you launch too many campaigns at once, you will not only be completely overwhelmed, but you will also have difficulty defining which marketing campaigns are fruitful.
  • Consistency: this is the key to getting your business off the ground.

Being consistent on social media will create a loyal following. Consistency in your blogging will help you build a strong customer base and turn new, cold prospects into novel buyers. Being consistent in SEO means that you will save money in the long run instead of trusting too much on paid advertisement.

Find your place in social media

Most of the small business owners know that social media is a must. After all, social media isn’t going anywhere. In 2017, 81% of the Americans had a social media profile!

Social Stats

But as we move forward, what happens is too many rookies take that message too seriously and try to go from being invisible to being everywhere all at once.

For most businesses, this is a recipe for disaster.

As a fresh small business owner, your main aim should be to find a place on social media. This means that in the start you should focus on some of the social media platforms that you are already comfortable working with.

Now, after marketing on some of these platforms for some time, notice how many interactions you are getting.

For example, if Pinterest isn’t giving you any engagement, then move on and focus on a platform that is!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a new thing in the digital marketing field. Most of the competition has probably never heard it before!

And for the ones who have, are probably going in the wrong direction.

But influencer marketing can be a reliable tool when it is wielded correctly.

So what precisely is influencer marketing?

 Social influence

To put it just, it means that rather than marketing your target audience directly, you pay or inspire essential people in your field to get the word out about you. When it comes to social media influencers are your best shot at getting strong business referrals.

Have an email list

Email lists are essential.

They are the most valuable and responsive assets your business can have. Especially when you are just starting.

Dissimilar to social media, you own your email list, and this is something most of the competition is not doing because they are probably too busy with social media.

The 80-20 rule for content

The 80-20 decide implies that 80% of your prosperity will originate from 20% of your endeavours. This standard applies to pretty much everything, including your substance. Your substance can be made in a wide range of mediums.

For instance: recordings, online classes, blog entries, infographics, and so forth.


So how does the 80-20 rule apply?

Only, 80% of your content ought to convey VALUE, and 20% of it ought to be centred on advancements. Profitable material implies content that is remarkable, new, promising, important and takes care of genuine issues for your intended interest group.

Your prosperity will originate from 20% of your endeavours, yet that other 80% is essential to drive it!

Such a large number of entrepreneurs have it the different way. 80% of their blog content is excessive deals y, and just 20% of it contains helpful or profitable data!

If you aren't persuaded about the estimation of making important substance, pause for a minute to ponder the way that organisations with web journals get 67% a more significant number of leads than organisations without online journals.

Different advantages of having a blog include:

  • Getting more focused on movement.
  • Adds a human component to your image, subsequently constructing trust and devotion to your clients.
  • Financially savvy and easy to set up.

When to rely on seo

Every small business owner who moves into the world of digital marketing is aware of SEO.

But sadly, many of them wary away from it because they think it’s complicated and too time-consuming.

While both of these things might be valid, SEO is as yet the ideal approach to drive free activity to your site.

Notwithstanding something as basic as your business name can impact your positioning in the internet searcher. As indicated by an SEO organisation Local SEO Guide, organisations with a solid catchphrase in their business name rank 1.5 spots higher than organisations without a watchword in their business name.

Rather than concentrating on a long haul SEO system, such a large number of private companies blow their computerised showcasing spending plan on PPC advertisements when beginning. We'll speak more about that in the following segment.

So what are the diverse regions that SEO covers?

There are a ton. Be that as it may, extensively, these are the primary ones:

  • Page improvement.
  • Device improvement.
  • Credible external link establishment.
  • Website improvement.

There are numerous other subclasses of these principle regions. For instance, catchphrase utilisation is a subclass of page advancement.

There's a long way to go. Be that as it may, learning and actualising SEO will give your site better permeability in the web search tools.

What's more, to get a thought of how essential SEO is for site permeability, you can take a gander at past Google refreshes. One essential Google refresh made sites that aren't responsive on different advanced gadgets not in any case show up in the list items by any means!

Presently, fortunately, you don't need to learn SEO all alone because you know an SEO organisation (your companions at Intelicle).

In any case, you should at present take in the nuts and bolts of SEO and what the desires for an SEO authority will be.

Enlisting an SEO expert is well justified, despite all the trouble. The SEO authority will enable you to play out an SEO review, which incorporates investigating how clients are associating with your site and your internet based life stages.

Lastly, don't expect prompt activity from doing SEO. It can occur, yet it's uncommon. Instead, seek paid to promote for brisk movement.

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By Julia Summer
07th Dec 2018 11:50

I like reading about marketing tips especially when the winter season starts and the New Year is just around the corner. In my opinion, LinkedIn is one of the top places for marketing your business as well as self-marketing. I sometimes apply for a small loan if I believe my business needs a little push forward to grow bigger and become even more successful. Thanks for your useful tips! I will definitely try to follow them.

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