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The Pros And Cons Of Call Center Outsourcing Services

21st Feb 2014
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Unintended Customer Negligence And Its Solution

As business owners, it is always our tendency to lean towards the things that offer discrete and visible benefits. This is the reason even the most dependable service providers assume that their business is going good if new customers keep coming. Well, the marketing strategies of companies driven by sheer competition are not entirely wrong. After all, what can an enterprise do to survive in the business world? To cut the long story short, companies try countless tactics to establish themselves in an era where competition lays siege from all the sides. However, in a hurry to acquire market share, enterprises often neglect the customers who are the most important assets of any organization irrespective of their industry or business vertical.

Organizations fail to understand that all the aspects of customer service ranging from the contact center experience of a customer to service delivery are interrelated. Not only is a customer’s reaction an aftereffect of the treatment meted out to him from the day he becomes a customer, but also a component of your dedication and commitment towards him. In a nutshell, an organization cannot afford to neglect customer support at any cost. At the end of the day, the conversion of a new customer is much more difficult than the retention of existing ones. In this situation, call center outsourcing seems to be a perfect way out for organizations that need specialized services because of one or the other reason.

Your Caring Attitude Takes You Ahead!

No doubt, the only technique that has helped organizations win over the loyalty of customers since years is efficient customer care. Every human being wants to be looked after. Likewise, your customer is also not an exception. Moreover, he deserves the care because he has paid the price for availing the service. This automatically means that you need to put your best foot forward to meet the expectations of your customers. We cannot deny that a company needs to enhance the service experience of a customer if it is looking forward to retaining the customers on a long-term basis. No matter how happy a customer is with your service or product, he would not appreciate carelessness in any form.

Contact centers have evolved a lot since the time they started and still have a long way to go. Something that saw a humble beginning as a caretaker in the absence of an employee who attended the calls has now become a support without which most modern businesses cannot do. At present, a call center extends its wholehearted support to your customers at almost all the possible touch points. You need to fulfil the expectations of your customers who want you to address their grievances irrespective of the medium they choose. A customer of today’s age does not feel the need to make a call any longer. He rather prefers an immediate solution to his problem through live chat support.

You Can Benefit Via Outsourcing Through...

a)    Incessant Support: Established business enterprises that are catering to the requirements of thousands of customers across the globe need to provide continuous support to them. However, it is next to impossible for business owners to be available for their customers. This is because of a difference in time zones. The use of contact centers allows a business owner to offer round-the-clock service. A customer develops the trust in a service provider because someone is there for him in the time of need.

b)    Cost: The most useful advantage of contact center services is the ability of the company to reduce its expenditure. Not only is an organization able to save on the operational and infrastructure costs, but also the expenditure associated with the training of resources. An outsourcing partner would offer you specialized services at an economical price. This indirectly has a positive effect on your cash flow.

c)    Enhanced Monitoring Abilities: Contracting out client support to an outsourcing company facilitates the monitoring of activities going in an organization. Thus, a close watch can be kept on the performance of the organization. In addition, the company can focus all its attention on core business activities.  

Still You Need To Be Careful As...

•    Security: A business owner needs to be careful at every step of outsourcing. Despite the fact that renowned outsourcing companies employ robust data security tools, one cannot risk the security of something like information.

•    Communication Gap: Often, cultural and language barriers obstruct the communication procedure between an agent and a customer. This affects the turnover rate. Consequently, an organization needs to be particular while laying down the terms of service with its outsourcing partner.

Contact centers play a prominent role in enabling the growth of an organization. Although there may a few loopholes in the outsourcing process, it offers immense benefits. This is the reason a company should concentrate on the positive side and move ahead.

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By johnborillo
23rd Jul 2014 05:17

Any disadvantage of outsourcing can be resolved including a few loopholes of its arrangement, if you find the right and excellent outsourcing provider. Communication and culture gap? No, but I would guess in different outsourcing hubs, this is currently a big problem. 

But not in top outsourcing countries like the Philippines, where people are proficient in speaking and understanding the language. If you weigh on those things, the pros and cons of outsourcing, it will still be beneficial to any investor who will consider one for their business. 

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By riyathakur
18th Dec 2014 11:21

I would like to share my view for Pros and Cons of call center outsourcing. If we provide more and more benefits to consumers, then we can overcome drawbacks. If we talk about call center outsourcing, customers are the pillar for business , if they satisfy, business will grow automatically, one of the drawbacks of call center is that increase waiting time to call, firstly we have to reduce it, by which customer can contact easily to the retailer, which will help to make a bridge between retailer and customer. Like these drawbacks we can overcome more as well by taking feedback from customer site after provide services.

For more service detail feel free to visit here, may be it would be useful to overcome drawbacks and increase business strength

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By LisaWayne
09th Feb 2015 09:49

This is really an informative post describing about pros and cons of call center outsourcing. I want to add some more about call center outsourcing as it brings in a lot of flexibility and financial freedom but it also has its pitfalls. The biggest advantage of outsourcing to India or in another location is cost saving. The lower the cost of operation and labor makes it attractive to outsource. To know more about call center outsourcing services you must visit:

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By Alisa
06th Apr 2015 12:18

Outstanding article, the benefit of outsourcing services are explained exceptionally well in this article. I believe that there are more advantages on outsourcing than disadvantages. Through outsourcing, you get access to specialized services for different business functions at low costs and thereby can provide your customers best services. Strategic outsourcing can give your business a cutting-edge over your competitors.

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By Siddharth Sharma
13th Jul 2017 14:03

Thanks for the informative article. Businesses outsource call centers to save costs and gain other benefits, while others avoid giving up the control of their business to an external vendor. However, it is essential to know both pros and cons of outsourcing, before handling over the service delivery to a 3rd party service provider.
Pros: Cost savings and access to expert offshore staff are the common benefits of outsourcing to India, for all business types.
Cons: Apart from the numerous benefits of outsourcing, choosing a wrong partner can create more difficulties than advantages for your business.
Read here for more details:

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By Lastnewman
10th Aug 2017 09:58

This is really an informative post describing about pros and cons of call center outsourcing.Thanks for the informative article.To know more about call center outsourcing services you must visit:

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