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7 Things your customers aren’t telling you

4th Nov 2015
Content Writer Open Access BPO
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Every business owner knows that it’s essential to meet the needs of customers. Whether you accept it or not, customers are the ones who get to decide your failure or success.
However, the needs of customers are constantly shifting, especially in a very tech-driven industry. Business professionals, especially those who are just starting their career in the field of entrepreneurship, see customer satisfaction as a continuous challenge.
Everything that your company does, every employee you hire, every product that gets launched—all these have something to do with enhancing the customer experience. Brands do their best to deliver top-quality customer support services, but it’s impossible if you have no idea about what your customers actually want.
To help you figure out your customers’ demands, here are the top seven things your customers aren’t telling you.
1. You should be accountable.
Your customers chose to trust you, so don’t give them any reason to regret it. Customers hate brands who don’t have the guts to take responsibility for their shortcomings. Passing the blame to someone or something else, instead of taking action to rectify the issue, can drive customers away permanently.
2. Be prepared all the time.
Don’t ever fake expertise. Most of the time, customers are smarter than you think. They can tell when you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Therefore, you have to know your product and your organization inside out. This means remembering even the smallest details and understanding complex processes.
3. Uphold my interests at all costs.
Valuing your customers means understanding that they decided to take this journey with you. So don’t abandon them when push comes to shove. Once you gain customers, you must focus on nurturing the existing relationship and building loyalty.
4. Make things easy for me.
The sole purpose of providing customer support services is convenience. You have to consistently find solutions to make processes simple and make customers’ lives easier. In this fast-paced world, your customers just won’t bother if you’re taking too much of their valuable time.
5. We can tell when you’re being insincere.
Yes, customers can tell whether you’re truly interested in connecting with them or you’re just in it for the money. If you can make your brand stand out by sending a clear message to customers that you genuinely care for them, it’s guaranteed that you’re on the way to success.
6. The first thing I need is speed.
Are your services slow? Do you put callers on hold for long periods? Does it take you a week to respond to emails? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your competitors will easily trample over you. The more responsive you are and the better the quality of those responses, the longer your customers will stand with your brand.
7. Give me a voice.

Your customers are the customer service experts so let them speak, and listen to what they have to say. Turn their insights, feedback, and reactions into tangible marketing plans and show them that you’re always working toward improvements.


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