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All the wrong reasons to outsource service

9th Feb 2018
Content Writer Open Access BPO
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We can't deny that outsourcing has a bit of a dirty reputation, and mostly it's because many companies out there are doing it for the wrong reasons. Hiring an external vendor for customer support is often seen as a shortcut, a quick solution to take care of huge volumes of incoming calls and messages. What these firms don't know, however, is that mindless outsourcing can destroy their business.

Potentially a strategic and smart business decision, outsourcing can hamper your success if you do so for the following reasons.

1. You're clueless about customer service.

This one's common among new, budding businesses. If you lack experience or expertise in customer support, your go-to move might be to outsource it. You might think it's a valid shortcut anyway and there's minimal risk involved, as third-party call centers are supposedly the specialists in this field. 

The truth is, you should be knowledgeable enough about customer service—or any process, for that matter—before you seek the aid of an external vendor. Without a strong grasp of how customer service is done and how you want it delivered, you won't be able to choose the right provider that can meet your unique business needs.

The right reason to outsource: Outsource because you believe that your chosen provider can add value to the customer experience you deliver.

2. You think customer support isn't that important.

Some managers wrongly underestimate the value of good customer care. Stemming from this mindset, they then hand over this process to an independent vendor without meticulously evaluating its capabilities, technologies, and processes. 

On the contrary, good customer support is a powerful sales driver. It's the starting point of lasting and meaningful customer relationships, and thus, it serves as a pillar of market loyalty. For all brands, therefore, customer service should always be a core business function, regardless of whether they decide to outsource it or not.

The right reason to outsource: Outsource because you need specialists that can devote all their time, focus, and energy into your customer support processes.

3. You simply want to cut costs.

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons behind outsourcing's shady reputation. Many companies still do it solely to reduce their spending, without caring about how it may affect their customers or the quality of their services. 

Outsourcing shouldn't solely be about cost-cutting. Although that may be a good plus, you should never compromise quality for the allure of more savings. Remember, investing in your customers entails treating them well, gaining their trust, and maintaining a relationship with them.

The right reason to outsource: Outsource to raise the quality of your services and maximize the budget you allot for it.

4. You think outsourcing can help you achieve the impossible.

While customer service providers are experts in the field, it will be unfair to expect them to wield magic. Keep in mind that delivering a great experience for your clients isn't an overnight endeavor. Rather, it takes time, consistency, and rigorous planning. While your main goal for outsourcing may be to boost your call center's performance, understand that it's a long-term project that requires a lot of work—both from your contact center and your brand.

The right reason to outsource: Outsource to gain a reliable partner in pushing forward your customer experience initiatives at the right pace.

5. Your company leaders aren't up for the challenge.

Customer support isn't an easy task to handle. It can be quite chaotic, especially if you're launching an entirely new program. So a lot of companies just decide to outsource it, especially if they feel like nobody in the company can handle all the responsibilities involved.

If this is the case, you should be alarmed, as it may be a sign that you're not hiring the right leaders that can drive your organization to success. 

The right reason to outsource: Outsource because you need a helping hand in executing the strategies designed specifically for your clientele.

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