Why multilingual call centres matter now more than ever

20th Oct 2015

The world of business is not immune to the force of globalisation. The capacity of technology to make connections between people and organizations has found its way into all aspects of our lives. This phenomenon, considered as both an advantage and a challenge, continues to shape the outsourcing industry, giving rise to new trends and opportunities.
As a response to a world shrunk by tech-mediated connections, multilingual call centers possess an advantage in enriching the customer experience. The clamor for personalising the customer journey is impossible to ignore, compelling brands to execute strategies that aim to make everything more convenient and pleasurable for purchasers.
Thus, multilingual business process outsourcing (BPO) services serve as every company’s ticket to success in today’s fast-paced world. Here are four reasons why.
Customer diversity is becoming common
Today’s customers possess the following distinguishing characteristics. First, they’re highly mobile, moving from one country to another. Second, the global purchasing power is highly decentralised, which means that customers are coming from different points in the globe. Third, more and more people are opting to buy from ecommerce sites with an international reach.
Altogether, these three factors influence the convergence of different cultures, which impacts the way businesses nurture customer relations. If you want your firm to be more competitive, you should embrace and celebrate this diversity . Often, that means being able to accommodate all your potential customers, no matter what language they speak.
Speaking your customers’ language is a form of personalisation
There is no better way to deliver convenience and make customers feel special than speaking their native tongue. It shows customers that you genuinely care about them and that you’re willing to adjust to their preferences. You cannot expect customers to speak your language to be able to reach you. Rather, you should be the one actively seeking ways to make strong connections with them. Multilingual call centers will be your partner in making this possible.
Eliminate language and cultural barriers
For enterprises who want to establish a global legacy, there’s no room for cultural and language barriers. Understanding your customers is the first step in building loyalty and lasting connections. If you fail to effectively communicate with your customers, you have to start making changes in the way you deliver your customer service. The aim of multilingual contact centers is to empower global brands by widening their reach, creating a rich customer experience, and facilitating high-quality relationships between brands and their target market.
Increase customer satisfaction
The secret to company longevity is the ability to make customers happy. After all, they are always the driving force behind your success. Your sole task is to provide everything they need and enhance their purchasing experience in ways that no other company can, so that they will always come back to your brand. Multilingual BPO services would place your organisation at a competitive standpoint as you aim to exceed customers’ expectations.
 Multilingual call centers are the future of the global outsourcing industry. They are the perfect partner for entrepreneurs aiming to secure their niche in the international market. Going multilingual would open new doors for your firm, allow you to penetrate dynamic and emerging markets, and mobilise stagnant customer sectors.


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By Siddharth Sharma
23rd May 2017 11:43

Thanks for posting a good article. The challenge is selecting the right model to achieve your objectives and avoiding any potential negative impact to your brand and your customer experience.
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