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12 Must-Bookmark Blogs on Call Center and Customer Service

29th May 2014
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Customer Service Blogs

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and expertise in the call center and customer service industry, hooray for you - there are plenty of blogs out there that can be your guide. Thankfully, the Internet never runs out of useful blogs that can help businesses improve their contact center services.

Let’s take a fresh look at twelve of these informative blogs that share technology news, trends, real-life customer experiences, tips, techniques and best practices for organizations aiming to enhance their customer service and expand their business potentials. I personally read them regularly. These blogs are so great, so enlightening, and so up-to-date that you’d be missing a lot if you’ll not read them.

Here they are! Feel free to add them to your bookmarks!

1.    Fonolo Customer Service Blog

Fonolo Customer Service Blog is a wonderful blog covering the latest trends and best practices related to customer service, customer experience, and contact centers. It’s been running since 2010, targeting call center professionals through their informative articles, videos, webinars and demos.

2.     Call Centre Helper

Call Centre Helper is UK’s most popular contact center magazine. It’s a superb website to find call center industry coverage - from job vacancies and technology, to tips, strategies and latest news.  

3.     Infinit Contact

Infinit Contact has been providing meaningful news and articles to readers for 6 solid years. Focusing on four categories - contact center, customer service, industry news and outsourcing. This blog is a good resource for call centers in the UK, Australia, US and other parts of the world who want to succeed in the customer service field. 

4.    Destination CRM

The online counterpart of US magazine CRM. Focusing on North American readers, Destination CRM reports a broad range of customer relationship topics across many industries and sectors including technology, communications, finance, retail, advertising, and healthcare. It also has a comprehensive news section.

5.    Customer Service Power… Turn It On!

Call center professional and consultant Melissa Kovacevic brings a new human side to popular customer service topics through her personal blog, Customer Service Power…Turn It On! She shares her best stories from her own experience working with businesses in improving contact center and front line services.

6.    Service Untitled

This five-year old blog gives practical pieces of advice on how customer service can differentiate a business and drive success. The excellent writers of Service Untitled share sensible tips and stories that they have acquired from their years of involvement in the contact center business.

7.    Envision

Envision is another authority focusing on customer support and customer experience subjects. Here they discuss industry topics, latest trends, news and solutions to help call center companies optimize their operational effectiveness and efficiency.

8.    International Customer Management Institute

Owned by global business media company UBM, is one of the “best content” call center blogs. It features a wider range of content - with white papers, webinars, newsletters and downloadable WFM. It also offers a resource website page that has articles and webinars for contact center and customer experience learning.

9.    Productivity Plus

Productivity Plus provides contact center leaders with tips, tricks and techniques to improve productivity and increase revenue within their call center. A panel of contact center industry experts share in this blog their knowledge based on their experiences and what they have observed in hundreds of call center environments globally.

10.    CCA Blog

The Customer Contact Association (CCA) is the leading authority on customer contact strategies and operations in UK. Although it doesn’t carry much news, CCA Blog is a resource for call centers in the UK who want to learn more about the association’s professional standards, benchmarking, and sector-specific research. This blog provides up-to-date information about the organization’s calendar of national and regional events.

11.    Impact Blog!

Impact Blog! aims to help customer support professionals improve their customer service and sales. Their authors include industry frontrunners like Jodi Beuder, John Castaldi, Donna Walker, Vasudha Dem­ing, Mon­ica Postell, Seth Brick­ner, Joanna Jones and Keith Stone­man who share their thoughts on cus­tomer ser­vice, sales tech­niques, and man­ag­ing cus­tomer expe­ri­ence.

12.    Contact Center World is a membership-based website offering a range of services to its readers in North America. Aside from articles and white papers, there are also video interviews, daily contact center tips and a global association and vendor directory can be found in this blog.


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By james1231
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By jeffaspacio
24th Mar 2015 03:13

Hi, let me suggest Open Access BPO's blog as well. It's a good resource for latest news and tips about outsourcing.

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By alannahmvw
09th Jun 2015 07:32

Also include My Virtual Workforce Blog - A blog about how to outsource bookkeeping, digital marketing, customer service and just about every other task possible. Every few days we’ll share with you valuable insights on productivity, outsourcing tips and team management. It’s fresh. It’s current. It’s loaded with real world examples you can put to use now.

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By aschaen
17th Apr 2016 23:38

None of these sites discuss things from the point of view of the call center employee.

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By skycomcc
23rd Apr 2016 05:06

Alleli, thank you so much for sharing this great compilation, they all have great information to enhance our business, is definitely a great article!

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