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4 Reasons Why SMEs and Start-ups Should be Present on Social Media

18th Dec 2013
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Social networking sites have become one of the most commonly used effective marketing channels today - large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, independent professionals, marketing consultants, and even regular individuals use them to market themselves as a brand. Generally speaking, everyone has their own unique reasons on why they want to be present on social networking sites.

While SMEs are continuously emerging in almost every part of the world today, it’s important for them to dwell into the online competition which is also an obvious way for them to reach their global market and eventually help their companies evolve into large-scale. The same goes with start-ups; they have a huge need for a clean and clear global introduction and social media could just be the best solution.

Accordingly, here are four reasons why SMEs and start-ups should really be present on social media:

1.     Social media is the place to start.

SMEs and start-ups have the similarity of having the need to be prominent (either globally or locally) online and social networking sites are the best places where they should start. Being present on the right social networking site/s gives them a chance to show off to their target market what their companies do. In my honest opinion, it won’t really hurt if you will start listing your company on LinkedIn – regardless of whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company. It really makes a good impression to any consumer if you have a company page on the leading professional networking site today. Listing your company on LinkedIn is totally free, so SMEs and start-ups should really take advantage of it. Some companies are actually successfully doing it. Moreover, LinkedIn’s paid business services are a bonus every company also deserves. Learn why on the third reason below.

2.     Social media is an ocean full of fish.

Social media is an ocean full of fishes.pngIt must be an odd metaphor, but social media is truly an ocean full of fish. SMEs and start-ups should build up their online presence on social networking sites because it is where they are very much likely to be found by their customers. How? One way is by simply using the ‘search’ function of each site. Another way is by being ‘viral.’ We all know how easy it is to become viral these days just by being social online. If your content goes viral, your brand name also goes alongside with it. This initiative will get SMEs and start-ups really busy because they need to create superb content to make it viral. On the other hand, creating superb content means more time and resources - those are the things SMEs and start-ups usually lack. That is when outsourcing comes in, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are a lot of companies today that offer social media solutions to SMEs and start-ups - which have become an enormous help to them.

3.     Social media sites can instantly give you results. 

Considering that it might not be easy for SMEs and start-ups to spend even just a little amount of money for online fame and business growth, it’s actually worth it to do it on social media. As we are all well aware, every major social networking site has its own ‘advertising’ solutions for its users and of course, they’re paid. It’s very worth it to do it for your SME or start-up because these sites have instant access to information you need – your target market’s gender, age, email address, names, and most importantly, their sentiments. These sites can bring you right in front of your customers and vice versa. If you’ll utilize their advertising solutions, instant results will definitely come in.

4.     Social media is fun.

Each person is most likely to have a profile on at least one social networking site – be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or anything else. There are actually billions of people registered to top social media sites and you might be really impressed with the tally; you might even be one of those. What could be the reason why people keep on using these sites? The answer could be simple – it’s fun! An average person uses social media to connect, share, and all at once, have fun. Think about it: if SMEs and start-up owners use it for marketing, it will definitely become one amusing journey. It will be entertaining (and very useful at the same time) to know what your consumers say online and how you will also be able to offer them help through these channels. On the other hand, the fun mustn’t devour you – you still have to be focused to reach your goal. 


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