5 email marketing hacks for improving CX

22nd Jul 2020

E-mail may be one of the oldest forms of internet communication, but it is still the key to reaching leads and keep touch with existing customers. Although some expect their content on social media to be shared, many still guard their emails and only give this information out to those they really want to hear from. It is important to make the most out of this opportunity and implement an effective email strategy to reach and engage your customers.

Customize Your Messaging

When are people more likely to open, read, and react to emails? Observing consumer behavior, it is apparent that people respond to emails when they feel the content is relevant to them. Personalization is the key to making your subscribers pay attention to your emails and improve your overall customer experience. This means not relying on the same email copy for everyone on your list, but using the information you already have about your audience and segmenting your subscribers into groups. Sending emails that address each individual subscriber by name is a good place to start. Refine this strategy by creating specific content and images that appeal to every subgroup of your subscriber list.

Use a Good Email Marketing Platform

One of the best investments you can make is in a standout email marketing platform. Select a platform that makes the creation and distribution of emails easy with advanced user-interface and tools to help you manage your subscribers and organize them into specific segments. In addition, your customers will appreciate an email marketing platform that syncs well with social media.  
But let’s face the elephant in the room, the most important trait of an email marketing platform is to ensure your email is actually delivered to your audience. Whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry, email deliverability should be the top priority when choosing a good email marketing platform.

Create an Engaging Welcoming Email

Do you ever really notice the welcome mat before you walk into someone’s house? Not if it just says “Welcome.” But what if the mat had an attractive design or it contained a witty or even counter-intuitive message? What if a welcome mat were designed to greet you personally? Your welcome emails should not be just like the standard welcome mat, but should be engaging, and designed for the audience reading them. 

According to research, welcome emails are opened more often than other company emails, especially if there is a personalized subject line. In fact, welcome emails have a higher open rate and click-through rate. This means that your company should put its best face forward when sending welcome emails. They should be sent promptly, preferably within 24 hours after subscription. The content should be entertaining, informative, and focused on the interests and goals of the recipients. Test your welcome email to make sure it creates a stellar first impression. Premium features of many platforms can include automated emails, drip campaigns, and subject line testing.

Give Your Customer Options

No one likes to feel like they are cornered. One reason why many people don’t open company emails is they feel they are going to be told what to do and offered one specific item. Giving your customer choices can make them feel that they are included and their wishes and needs are being taken into consideration. For instance, rather than bombarding your subscribers with the full information in an email, offer them a summary and invite them to click on a link, open a photo or visit your website for more information. 

If you are offering a lead magnet or a discounted item or even promote your incentive program, don’t just offer one, but give them a choice among two or three. In addition, describing various payment options in your emails (i.e. pay a one-time fee of X dollars or pay X monthly over the period of a year) may encourage them to take action and make a purchase sooner than if you present these options only at the checkout point. You can also ask them if they would like to receive different types of emails--this can help correct any mistakes that were made segmenting subscribers into certain groups, and you can reorganize them into segments that are more relevant to them. 

Let Your Customers Talk to You

The no reply option can actually be frustrating to many people, although in some cases, it may be necessary. Still, it is important not only to reach out to subscribers but to let them speak to you. One of the inherent advantages of email is that it is a great way to allow customers to connect with you. It is important also to acknowledge negative and critical emails and find strategies for addressing their complaints, including offering a discount or a refund, if needed. 

User-generated content, such as reviews are important tools for understanding your customers. Critical customers are likely to be converted into loyal customers based on how their comments were addressed and through positive direct contact with a company representative. It is also essential to respond to positive comments and show appreciation. Personal contact can help with fuel recommendations and shares.  

An email strategy can significantly transform your marketing approach. It can make your readers more engaged and more likely to make purchases. You can revolutionize your email strategy by customizing your messaging and implementing the right email marketing platform. Segmenting your readers into groups and sending each segment focused emails can increase the number of opened emails and raise click-through rates. Email gives your customers an opportunity to communicate and engage with your company, which will strengthen the relationship your customers have with your brand. 

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