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Instagram stories: A vital marketing cog?

29th Oct 2016
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Have you ever looked at Instagram stories and wondered what these little snippets can do?

To be precise, these can be included into a social media marketing campaign with rewarding results. Businesses can actually leverage instagram stories in the best possible manner for spicing up their marketing game. From the customer’s point of view, stories can offer valuable insights and showcase whether the business is willing to interact further.

In this post, we will be discussing more about the Instagram stories and identify their true potential, when it comes to refurbishing a marketing campaign.

To begin with, businesses can use Instagram stories for better engagement. Be it the prospective customers or the loyal fan base, a story can readily send out a message without being too descriptive. Not to forget, Instagram is already a popular photo sharing platform and this newly introduced concept of stories has actually enhanced the functionality of the same.

To be clear, Instagram’s newly introduced tool is actually inspired by Snapchat’s excruciatingly similar feature which goes by the same name. However, over Instagram these stories aren’t permanent and expire after 24 hours. These stories are basically instantly clicked images which can be edited or filtered, in similar ways to Snapchat.

However, businesses over Instagram shouldn’t actually implement the same strategies which they would be using over Snapchat. The latter is considered as a gritty platform which has a liking towards raw representation of snapshots. Instagram, on the other hand, has a classier and elite look to it— making way for professional undertones. My first tip or rather a prologue to this post would be to avoid being too personal over Instagram— unless your brand requires the same.

Over Instagram, timing is everything as the stories remain active for a mere 24 hours. This also suggests that posting more stories can help you gain popularity at a highly rapid rate, as compared to other businesses.

Here are the top four ideas which will justify the title of this post and help many businesses towards engaging more customers, over Instagram:

Start with Offers

If you are a brand and looking to establish your name, it is always advisable to start with an offer— especially when you are planning to leverage Instagram stories. The scarcity of these stories automatically gives you the power to be unique. The only tip here is to distribute offers which your prospective customer base cannot ignore.

You can actually drive customers to your website by referring them to the link— readily included in the bio. For example, is you are into coupons and vouchers, posting a story and referring viewers to the link is pretty easy. Just tell them that the offer will last for only 24 hours and the coupon can be redeemed on clicking the given link.

This is where Instagram stories scores well above Snapchat when it comes to marketing the product. Time-criticality is one of the features of Instagram stories which can readily create a sense of urgency among customers— improving sales and conversion rates.

Stories can be further leveraged by businesses for getting attention via direct messages. Just include a line with the story, stating that a direct message can make the viewer eligible for a limited-time offer. DMs can actually help businesses develop better levels of engagement and deeper relationships with their customers.

Takeaway- Look to provide offers which customers can’t refuse. Giveaways are good but they need to offer value and work like a lead-magnet. You can either opt for a video or a simple photo or both, provided they resonate with the audience. If offers are your priority, Instagram stories can certainly help you win followers courtesy the inherent scarcity of the same.

Showcase Creativity

Look to leverage Instagram stories with your creative self. It can either be a sketch for the designers or a sample streaming video for the likes of Cinemabox developers. The idea here is to be in sync with your niche and post targeted stories concerning the same.

You can also offer something different that gives a sneak into the upcoming products or services. Be it a real-time photo or a video that concerns your nature of work, creativity is what sells over Instagram and more via the stories.

Takeaway-If you are planning to go real-time with the stories, ask clients for the permission. Stories over Instagram are best depicted when viewers can see you in action.

Share Business Insights— Precisely Behind the Curtains

Over Instagram, you must look to humanize the brand which is only possible if marketers can offer a raw glimpse of their business along with the polished outlook. The first step towards the same is to offer behind the scenes stories while keeping up with the professional standards.

Takeaway- While behind the curtains shots are great for humanizing the brand, marketers must not look to include each and everything into the mix. Instagram stories, therefore, should comprise of usable information and not just any blooper reel.

Feature a Takeover

Account takeovers are common on Instagram but only a few can think of leveraging them via stories. The idea here is to offer a look in at the takeover, via posts that matter. This approach will surely draw a lot of attention, especially from the existing customer base. Then again, sharing multiple stories, via a chain of posts is expected to offer you with a lot of traction.

Takeovers are actually special case scenarios as they tease an upcoming partnership with another organization— targeted towards offering value to the customers. Sharing these as Instagram stories can therefore help grow the audience.

Takeaway- Every post you create over Instagram should include a call to action and sharp focus on brand marketing. Opting for a Snapchat like personalized approach isn’t going to fetch returns over Instagram.

Bottom Line

Instagram is more of a behemoth when social media is concerned. It has actually surpassed Snapchat in terms of active monthly users and is expected to grow bigger. Despite the popularity, at present only 36 percent of active marketers are leveraging this platform. Most of them are ignorant of Instagram’s scope which is actually incredible for popularizing the brand name.

Instagram Stories, has, therefore dissolved this myth and played an important part in offering businesses the ideas for growth. Harnessing the power of Instagram stories isn’t difficult. It just requires marketers to be proactive and clear, in terms of ideas.

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