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How online and offline marketing can work together

18th Mar 2017
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For a lot of businesses, their marketing efforts are either focused on online campaigns or offline activities. Companies who are trying to reach a wide range of customers tend to rely on internet marketing tools, while those that target local markets often rely on offline, conventional marketing to gain exposure.

The truth is, both online and offline marketing can be used in tandem to create a truly remarkable impact. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the ways both marketing approaches can be used to reach the desired market segment.

Tweet to get an extra cup

One of the most common ways to combine offline and online marketing activities is by bringing offline activities to online mediums. There are campaigns that can be used to boost the exposure level of offline activities by asking participants – or the audience – to share through their social media profiles.

Let’s say you’re promoting a coffee shop and you want walk-in customers to spread the word about your location. You can run a promotional campaign where customers can get a free cup of coffee just by tweeting their best pictures in the store along with a hashtag or location info.

Many other retailers are doing this with selfies or Instagram Stories entries. This type of campaign, while very simple and easy to run, can help boost your online presence through existing customers.

Promote online pages offline

Another great way to combine online marketing efforts with offline instruments is by promoting social media pages – and of course your website – offline. You can start by integrating these pages to your branding materials, including packaging and store decoration. You can also add social media URLs to things such as flyers and offline promotional materials to gain more traction.

A good way to put a twist to this campaign idea is through the use of custom stickers. Print custom stickers with your social media URLs or a branded QR code, and give those stickers away on different occasions. Make sure the design of your custom stickers stands out so that customers are willing to put them on their belongings.

A branded QR code sticker, paired with the right call to action, can help direct a lot of traffic to your main site or social media pages. You can also use the same approach to promote your store location or to increase brand exposure in select areas.


Brands that can develop a strong community of users are often the most successful ones. The internet is a great medium to use if you want to grow your user base through communities. Now that top social networks allow like-minded people to connect, it is also easy to organize meetups of fans and customers.

This is an example of how an online campaign can bring about a lot of offline activity. You start by facilitating the growth of communities online before inviting them for a meetup at one of the local stores you have. It is a great way to introduce your company’s offline establishment while growing a strong user base at the same time.

These example campaigns all put the customers at the heart of both online and offline marketing efforts. Use these examples as starting points and find more ways to integrate online and offline marketing to your advantage.

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