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11th Feb 2017

Today, with more people than ever before choosing to shop online, it’s become somewhat of a battle between e-commerce providers to ensure that they are providing not only high-quality products at excellent prices online, but also the best digital customer experience. Online customers value a store that not only provides them with a good level of security but also allows for an easy and convenient experience. We’ve listed some of the best ways to improve the customer experience at your online store.

Upgrade Your Platform

The e-commerce platform that you use is central to the customer experience. If you are using a cheap platform that doesn’t offer very many features, your business may suffer as a result of this. Be sure to choose an e-commerce solution that offers a range of features for security and support, along with putting the customer experience first. See Bing Digital for more information.

Check Your Loading Time

If your e-commerce store takes a long time to load up when a customer visits, chances are that they’re going to lose patience very quickly and visit one of your competitors instead. Many business owners do not truly understand the importance of striving to achieve a quick loading time, but those who prioritise it often see the best results.

Simple, Easy-to-follow Layout

When designing your site, it’s important to consider how its layout and navigation set up will be for your customers. Although you and your graphics or web designer may think it is great, it’s important to put your website together from a customer-centric point of view. One good way to achieve this is to conduct market research beforehand, so that you can base your web design on what your target market has said they’d prefer.

Good Security

Nothing will put a customer off from shopping at your e-commerce store if you have no secure connection when they are making a payment, or if something looks off when they are making the transaction. Even a bad design or slow loading time can be made up for with cheap prices and high quality products, however, even as online shopping increases in popularity, customers are still very careful about with whom and where they share their financial data.

Customer Reviews

When shopping online, customers today enjoy being as interactive as possible. Adding a customer review feature to each product on your site, for example, can be a great way to receive feedback from your customers and can also be helpful for new visitors and potential new customers on your site.

Quality Product Photos

Lastly, the customer experience at an e-commerce store can be greatly enhanced by improving the quality of product photos, videos and descriptions. Items with high quality photos and videos, along with a high amount of information in the description, are more likely to sell well as customers will appreciate having such a detailed description of what they are buying.

Your customers are at the heart of your e-commerce store, and even though you may never meet them in person, it’s vital to make sure that they have an excellent experience.

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