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5 Digital Marketing Tips To Reach New Customers

7th Oct 2016
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Digital Marketing
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The modern world of business relies heavily on the way the world perceives your company, how professional it is and what your customers say about your products and services. There are a multitude of online review websites and governing bodies for all sorts of industries. Take the trusted trader scheme here in the UK or websites such as Feefo, they both have the power to make or break a company's reputation online.

Marketing can help to raise awareness of your business, building your brand and help enhance your online reputation. There are 5 main avenues of online marketing which can help businesses grow reach new customers.

1) SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the hardest techniques to master, but when done correctly can be awesome for your business helping new customers see your content, products and brand.

SEO is the practice of developing a website with the search engines in mind, incorporating keywords throughout the website coding, with which the search engines can rank your website within the search results. This type of SEO is referred to as On-Site SEO, and integrates all the aspects of your websites code and configuration to help improve upon website traffic. This usually makes up roughly 20% - 30% of the overall picture, there is a second category of SEO, referred to as Off-Site SEO.

Off-Site SEO includes all "external factors" to a website which can help to improve upon its traffic. The main factor in modern SEO is "quality back links", this has formed the backbone of every successful SEO campaign and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Search engines such as Google examine the relationships between websites and if they discover a link from a high quality website linking to yours they will see your site as being of high quality and a reputable source of information. The opposite applies too, if they discover low quality links pointing towards a website then that site may be penalised and experience traffic drops, have a read about Google Penguin for further information.

2) PPC or CPC

Pay Per Click is another highly effective method of driving traffic and customers to your website. There are a few different PPC platforms but the most common are Google AdWords and Bing Ad's. PPC allows advertisers to bid on specific keywords in order to obtain positions in the search engine results, the higher the bid the higher the position (there are a few exceptions to this rule, but that should be covered on a more advanced PPC blog post).

Each time a search engine user clicks on the advert, the advertiser has to pay for the click, hence the name.

PPC can be a very powerful tool when set up correctly, because unlike other online marketing channels the advertiser has full control over how much is spent, the time of day the adverts will show, where in the country they will appear and even which days of the week they will display. All of these combined give the advertiser a great flexibility in their marketing campaign, allowing them to tailor each campaign to a specific marketing goal.

3) Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become more and more prominent in recent years, FaceBook leading the way in Business to Consumer advertising, whereas LinkedIn dominates the B2B world. With new social media apps growing in popularity, things like Snapchat and Instagram the world of social media provides a unique set of opportunities to businesses looking to reach potential customers.

Social Media websites now provide a “paid marketing” option based around CPC (Cost Per Click) model.  Social media is particularly useful for brand building.

4) Email Marketing

Email is possibly the oldest form of digital marketing, and unfortunately has become the most exploited. Email spam has become a real concern for both online security and privacy. With that said however Email Marketing when done right can be highly effective. Especially for eCommerce businesses.

The main advantages of Email Marketing are as follows:

It Is Highly Targeted - You are able to send highly targeted marketing and sales messages to specific segments of people. Users who have previously bought your products, people who have attended one of your events or performed a specific action on your website for example…

It Aids Brand Awareness – Each time you send an email you are exposing your brand to the recipient. Maintaining a connection with your users is important to ensure your brand remains in their mind.

Customer Life Span & Journey – Email marketing helps business owners lengthen the life span of a customer, by continuing to provide useful messages to your existing customer base you are able to keep them “alive”. Email marketing is also a proven method for taking customers on a journey, specific journeys depending on the user’s previous interaction with your company.

5) SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a relatively new concept in digital marketing, it is very powerful in the fact that you are able to send messaged directly to people’s mobile phones, and there aren’t many people who will ignore a text message.

The open rates of SMS marketing compared to Email are huge, 99% of all text messages are opened compared to around 30% of emails. One reason for this may be “spam filters” set up on people’s email systems.

Another advantage of SMS marketing is the fact that mobile devices have become an integral part of people’s lives, mobile messaging and notifications have become the norm and are more widely accepted.


The 5 different marketing techniques above will help you reach new customers and grow your business, however if you can utilise all of the above you are sure to be well on the way to dominating your particular sector.

Thanks for your time in reading this article, please comment below if you wish to expand upon anything I have written about.

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By Jennifer Wills
16th Aug 2022 09:29

Digital Marketing is a growing platform, and the above-mentioned tips are really helpful, in brief, each point has been discussed. SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing all are really helpful for digital marketing people with the use of proper SEO. Helpful and great content.

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