5 B2B marketing strategies to attract customers

26th Jun 2019
B2B Marketing Strategies

It is never easy to convince a B2B customer or buyer. Here, marketers have to deal with company C-level executives, directors, and other decision-makers. Now, these people are highly experienced and knowledgeable people in business, and pitching to them isn’t a cake walk. They know all the tricks marketers, and salespeople use and are well aware of the latest market scenarios.

As 2019 is already half the way, and little time left to turn your failed attempts into successful ones, here are some useful tactics to follow. It is the time to brush up your B2B marketing strategies to better target and convince your high profile B2B buyers. So don’t just let the opportunity slip away and implement the following strategies for staying in the game:

  1. Use Conversational Selling:

Since the beginning, selling has been about pitching for products and services through one-to-one interaction with an aim to convince potential buyers. Conversational selling has always worked. Earlier, it was considered a bit costly affair for most businesses as they required to hire sales professionals who can establish direct contacts with the customer. However, with technological advancement, there is no need to shed a lot on hiring a sales team. Businesses can easily personalize with their prospects using technology that are scalable and cost-effective. For instance, with live chat and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, B2B marketers and sales reps can nurture customer relationships without constraining their budget.

Making interactions that are contextual and relevant has been possible with conversational selling. Now, businesses can connect, engage, and convert leads with timely personalized conversations using technology. Eve in 2019, conversational selling continues to hold onto its effectiveness as one of the best marketing strategies to attract new customers as well as retain existing ones in the B2B industry.

  1. Ask Customers to Recommend:

The benefit of having a loyal customer base is they work as your brand’s advocates. In today’s era, having brand advocates are essential as they help buyers make informed decisions. Even B2B buyers are no different. They also check online reviews, go through social media content of the particular brand, and take peer recommendations before making any purchase. So, what you can do is seek your customers help for your word-of-mouth marketing practice.

Unlike the old times, brands need not visit customer offices to get a single line review or two words of appreciation. Today, people can review online directly on the product’s page or the brand’s social media account. You can ask your customers to share their experience with positive reviews, recommendations, and indirect promotions so that it drives more traffic to your website and influences the purchase decision of others. Getting good reviews is, however, not easy. For that, you need to deliver exceptional service to customers. For example, apart from good quality product, you can also offer them special discounts, create an affiliate program, and provide them access to exclusive content and more. These gestures will encourage your customers to speak well about your brand to others and thus help you with word-of-mouth marketing.

  1. Strengthen Your SEO Strategy:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant marketing strategy for any business who wishes to strengthen its online presence and improve search engine visibility. The challenge for a B2B company also remains the same as how they can appear first on the search engine results page so that all the visitors come to their site. The scenario and struggle are no different for B2B marketers, even in 2019. As long as digital marketing flourishes and more marketers invest in it, the need to have a robust and proven SEO strategy for your business will be there.

Depending on what your business is, you need to target keywords accordingly so as to rank high in the search engine. Having a mobile-optimized website is also necessary for ranking as Google considers that as well. Today most of the traffic comes from mobile devices so that the importance of mobile-friendly site has grown manifold. Also, if you have a local store, then optimizing local search keywords is a must. Coming to the keyword, targeting long tail keywords is your door to success with search engine rankings as it improves search rankings and visibility.

  1. Leverage Big Data and AI for Actionable Insights:

The trends and customer approach are changing in the B2B space. Even decision-makers and high-level executives look for personalized campaigns from brands trying to sell their products to them. Hence, B2B companies can invest in data-driven marketing strategies so that they can offer personalized information and offers to B2B customers.

Data is generated from multiple sources like live chat, email, website visits, online form submissions, etc. However, often, this data goes unutilized and optimized, and as a result, marketers miss out on valuable insights that could have been extracted from vast piles of data. B2B companies must embrace technology further, and in 2019, their focus should shift to how they can leverage big data using artificial intelligence (AI) driven marketing tactics. This will help understand customer behavior using which companies can develop account based personalized campaigns for better responses.

  1. Website Optimization for Better Conversion Rate:

No matter how huge traffic your website draws, if you can’t convert those visitors into buyers, then all efforts go waste. That is when you must analyze your website performance and find out where you are lacking. Often, websites fail to provide customers a high-converting B2B experience, and that is where the problem arises.

Your website should have unique and quality content with detailed product descriptions, reviews, demo videos, and more. Also, your site must have a clear CTA button and must be mobile-friendly. A well-optimized website is key to turning visitors into customers. Make use of effective conversion rate optimization strategy that can help you provide an excellent user experience on your site and in turn, boost revenue.

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