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Get More Customers by Using Instagram Influencers

25th Sep 2016
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Social media can be used to generate leads and promote your content, and Instagram is one network that’s gained a lot of clout over the last few years. It’s currently the fastest growing social network in the world, with a lot of potential use for businesses. Furthermore, one way companies can gain more customers is by using the influencers permeating the Instagram market.

Understand Instagram Influencers

You might be familiar with using influencers through other social media platforms, but Instagram influencers are a little different. Instagram influencers don’t fit the mold of “older, male tycoon of an industry,” like you would see on other social networks.

“Most influencers are young, female, and creative, but they may not have any major business ties, at least not at first,” says an article from PeerBoost, an online automation tool that increases your volume of Instagram followers. “In fact, the biggest names on Instagram are often bloggers and vloggers who’ve ascended the ranks to join the digital experts. It’s only after these influencers have built a fan following that brands tend to catch on, realizing the immense power these online personalities have amassed.”

Partnering with Instagram users with large followings is one of the best things small and large businesses can do. You’ll expand your reach exponentially and open a new platform for doing business.

Here are some ways you can use influencers to your advantage.

Know the Top Influencers

There are top ranking influencers attached to every social media platform. For Instagram, you’ll be mostly looking for popular “DIY experts” and thought leaders. Here are some of the biggest influencers you’ll find right now:

  • The DIY Queen: Sam Ushiro

  • Huda Kattan

  • The World in His Hands: Jay Alvarez

  • Ingrid Nilsen

  • Kissable Complexions: Jade Marie

  • Zach King

  • Nash Grier

  • Josh Otrovsky

  • Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines

Your ultimate goal will be to reach these people in any way you can, though you may have to work your way up to them. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to any of these internet celebrities to see if they’ll support your business and/or cause.

Make the Deal Mutually Beneficial

Identifying influencers isn’t nearly as difficult as getting them to see your point of view. The most important part of making contact is providing mutual benefit with your deal. This is all about making your brand look fantastic. You need to promote your brand in a way that sells your products and grabs an influencer’s support, even though your pitch may only last 30-60 seconds.

It’s also good to sweeten the deal, giving participants something in return for helping you out. If you’d like an influencer to review your product, make the test products free, and send in some extra gifts. You might also consider throwing in a little cash on the side. Most influencers are happy to help businesses with great products and services if they have the time.

Brand endorsement goes a very long way in promoting your business and generating new leads. It can increase your conversion rates and make any marketing campaign more effective. What are you waiting for?

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