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Winning Over Clients Without Losing Current Client

22nd Nov 2016
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If you're being honest with yourself, you know that you can never have too much business. Therefore, there is never a bad reason to go looking for new clients whenever you have the opportunity to do so. However, how do you make sure that you are keeping your current clients happy while undergoing efforts to expand?

Have a Corporate Dinner or Some Other Corporate Event

One way to meet new people without alienating your current contacts is to have a dinner or some large corporate gathering. This allows you to spend time catching up with and discussing business projects with those you currently work with while branching out to meet new people. In some cases, such an event may be a great opportunity for clients to connect with each other. When done properly, that can be another way to show the value that you and your brand can provide. 


Make Sure You Manage Your Human Resources

It is unrealistic for clients to expect you to personally oversee all aspects of given project. However, they do expect that work is done properly and in a timely manner. You can successfully expand without providing substandard work to those you do business with now by successfully projecting your labor costs. In other words, if you are taking on new clients, you will need to find new employees or other workers who can do quality work. 

Place a Premium on Discretion 

One of the best ways to make sure that you don't lose your current customers is to make sure that you act in a manner that best reflects their interests. For instance, if you are a business consultant, you need to assure the company that you consult for now that you won't share their information if you choose to consult with a competitor. Even better, you may want to create a policy that you don't do work for any two companies that directly compete with each other or for any divisions of two companies that may compete directly. 

Make Sure That You Aren't Charging New Clients Less

Your current customers obviously don't have a problem with the prices that you charge or else they wouldn't pay your prices. However, they don't want to hear that new customers are getting charged less or otherwise getting more value for their dollar. Therefore, you should make sure that you aren't charging new customers less or offer your current customers the same lower price. 

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with offering an introductory discount if you think that it can drum up business for the long-term. If you do decide to go that route, it may be a good idea to offer discounts or other perks for those who have given you business over the past several months or years.

Give Your Time to Your Most Reliable Customers

If a company or individual has given you steady business for the last few months or years, you should provide them with your time and expertise. The new customers are the ones who can deal with your junior associates or otherwise have their projects handled by freelancers. By providing your time and expertise, you can provide additional value that makes your older clients feel valued and like they will still get something from you even as your business continues to grow. 

A good business owner always looks for ways to expand. Finding new customers provides new opportunities to make money and ensures that the organization can adapt and evolve as necessary. However, make sure that your new opportunities don't come at the expense of relationships that you have spent so much time to cultivate.

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