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Customer service skills for employees

17th Jul 2017
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Mastering important customer service skills are important for every employee. Employees form the base of every company, and if they are not efficient and skilled, the company will start facing issues later on. So, every employee should keep in mind the following customer service skills and make the most of the chances they have in front of them.

1. Attentiveness

While listening to the customers, if you’re not attentive they will feel humiliated, and that is not a good sign. People want to be heard when they are speaking, and they expect companies to listen to them. For them, the employee is the representative of the company, and this should listen to customer feedback and act accordingly.

2. Clear communication skills

As far as sharing valuable information related to safety and workplace is concerned, you can opt for Toolbox talks topics. However, when we talk about communicating with customers, the employee should keep in mind that they need to be cautious with everything they say. Even if they are adopting a friendly tone while communicating with the customer, miscommunication should be avoided. One should not assume that miscommunication can help them get out of trouble because it will only make things worse if the issue caused is intentional.

3. Using positive language

Being positive is one of the ways in which you can create delighted customers. However, when we talk about positive language, you need to filter your thoughts before telling them. This is necessary because you do not want your customers to feel rejected after the conversation. For example, if you wish to tell the customer that a particular product will not be available for the next few days, you should say that the product will be available for ten days and information for the same will be passed on to them.

4. Time management skills

Making your customers wait for too long is not a smart choice because they have some things in their mind and if you’re not letting them use that time productively, you’ll be on the receiving end. In this case, over explanation is even a cause of concern.

5. Persuasion skills

While connecting with customers on call, it can be difficult to make them invest in a particular product or service. However, it is the skill of an employee that can make conversions even when the customer has millions of doubts in their mind. However, it is important to convince interested customers only. Trying to force customers to invest in a product or service is not a smart thing to do. Remember that if a particular product is not written for a particular customer, they will get it and curse the company later on.

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