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Effective ways to maintain customer relationships

6th Mar 2017
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The old adage “customer is king” might be clichéd but actually rings true now and forever. Do you know 55% of customers are ready to pay high for guaranteed good customer experience? Also, 67% would churn if they encounter a bad experience with a company. Your customers are the reason why you exist or grow and any mis-step here can drown you forever. No wonder, the pundits always zero on ensuring good customer relationships and here is a brief on how to power up your customer relationship management.

Be consistent with quality

This is one of the primary tips to assure the most long-lasting customer relationship management. Your premium product or service quality is the thing that has pulled in traffic for you in the first place and your customer would get back to you expecting the same service every time. Thus, any slack here would make you lose out on your loyal clientele big time. Remember, more than 70% of consumers will spread the word about you if they feel positive in your ambience and similarly a big chunk would inform others if they don’t receive the same great experience again that they had with you first time.

Listen to them

Your customer is the one who decides what will work from your company and what won’t. This is why big brands always invest in exhaustive market research before launching anything or introducing any modifications. So, you have to ensure an easy avenue for customers to launch their own opinion and feedback about you and your offers. Such an avenue proves that you care for them and consumers always heart companies who listen to them.

Send personalized offers

A loyal customer base is a priceless treasure for any business and you have to thank them for investing in you time and again. Personalized gifts and a special exclusive deals or discounts are a great way of showing how much you value their support. Such gifts go a long way in strengthening your rapport with the customers.

Flexible plans

If you want to cater to a versatile audience, you have to have flexible plans to accommodate diverse preferences. Take the example of Comcast Internet Deals here that come with flexible plans to befit different kinds of needs..

Be honest

This is one of the golden rules of customer relationship management. Mistakes are common in a business but if you have the guts to admit, your customer will respect you even more and it only enhance his trust on you.

Finally, always make sure to invest in a dedicated and knowledgeable proactive customer relationship team.

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