The importance of public customer service

20th Mar 2017

You need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on purchasing software, and amazing Coupon Buffer can help you get a discount on the same. However, if you are not using that software in the best possible way, you will soon lose customers and even followers.

When we talk about public customer service, social networking sites are always on my mind because we know that people talk and your clients listen to the feedback given by someone else about you and your company. Here we can give you an example of Twitter. If someone is unhappy with your firm's products and services, we might only tweet about it tagging you in it. In some cases, the event might be genuine, but in the number of cases, it has been seen that the expectations are way too high for the customers and things turn out to be bitter between the company and the customers.

If the angry post is about something that was not promised by the firm, the same will not attract the attention of many of your clients. However, if there is something that went wrong from your end, be quick to resolve the issue and get some appreciation from the angry customer as well as from many others who are following you.

Public customer service means a lot, and so you need professionals handling your pages and profiles so that nothing silly is posted. Many startups assume that they are good enough to manage the line of Business and even maintain their public profiles on their own. This is not impossible, but it is advisable to get an expert on the job because your reputation is at stake.

Twitter is not the only thing that should be a cause of concern for you because other popular social networking sites and even consumer forums are to be looked into on a regular basis. Search for your company's name on different search engines and make sure that negativity is not being spread about your company anyway. If there is a serious issue to be concerned about, make sure that you take necessary steps to resolve it.

An important point to be understood here is that not every post requires your attention. Many people often post about a particular company merely because they are paid for it. This might be a cynical strategy adopted by your competitors, and we suggest world highest marketing experts should try to handle the issue smartly. Fighting with anyone verbally in public forums and sites is not a smart move, and it should be avoided.

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