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Top 5 strategies to combat customer expectation

8th Mar 2017
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Companies are no more functioning in the ideal conditions where they get selected for the great quality of products or the pricing points they play on. The market in every industry is competitive like never before. There are a thousand others like you who are toiling all day to snatch away that one chance where they can take over your customers. In such cut throat conditions, the only remedy is to pay ample importance to customer expectation and experience. Understanding the requirement of your clients isn’t enough, today you must package a satisfying experience for them to make them return for business to you. Here are some strategies we picked out that will put light on this issue for you.

The three D’s to success

Marketers around the world are studying the issue of creating customer satisfaction and are on an endless hunt to find what will please them the best. A few experts are of the view that a three stage exercise can be beneficial to retain customers. Firstly, a need is there to design a scheme that enhances customer experience by adding value to your services. The second is to get equipped enough to deliver the same. Thirdly, develop the company to be able to repeat such schemes on a regular basis to have a happy customer. This can be a real good way in turning consumers to customers.

Create value added services at all touch points

It is important for any company to understand that a customer interacts with the company at many levels where he communicates with different people. The intension and need for these interactions are also varied. So what is to be formulated is a common program that enables all departments to add value to a customer’s experience. Whether it is purchasing the product, looking for support service or discussing matters with billing, all the divisions must thrive to give away the most comfortable experience to the client.

Answer Individual customer expectations

We all know that humans are a breed of weird and bizarre minds. It is a responsibility for any company to understand that they will be facing diverse kind of customers who have issues that are way more different than each other. A solution program based on a mass formula cannot be a way out in such situation. The company has to define its communication and services in accordance to the issue of the client and the temperament with which he is raising his concern. A successful attempt in handling customers with individual care can be a great chance to induce customer loyalty.

Answer issues with real people interaction

Customers all over the world love to get pampered and want to feel important in return of the money they spend on your product or service. They see it as a liability for a company to answer their concern on priority, and if done in that way, they will stick around for further purchases. This explains that when communicating with a client, a fully personalised mail where the message is framed to make him feel it was designed exclusively as his reply can make you go a long way. They love interactions form real people from the brand and not just computer generated letters.

Use the gifts of technology

We understand it might not be able for a company to make interpersonal meetings a continuous process. Well the advent of technology can help you in this area. Make use of marketing tools like newsletters, e-mailers and surveys to constantly be in touch. Treating them with regular perks on coupon sites like Chameleonjohn can keep them coming back to you too. Send them feedback forms after each interaction to get back the detailed report of the experience they have had. These tools are good to capture attention and also help the company in finding weak points to work on.

It is an incessant act of being engaged in understanding the need of every customer and making them cherish the experience through value additions. These can be your keys to stay ahead of competition.

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